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PrepLadder QBank: The Gold Standard For CAT

Sep 01, 2021

PrepLadder QBank: The Gold Standard For CAT

As a CAT aspirant, before you begin adding new words to your vocabulary, you have to delete the phrases ‘too much practice’ and ‘excessive practice’. That’s because solving practice questions and taking mock tests are crucial to your CAT exam preparation. However, if the question bank you invest your faith in, does not know how to lead you to an IIM, all your hard work will be futile. PrepLadder wants to ensure that every minute of your time that goes into solving questions, is the minute well utilized. We want you to have access to not just any question bank but the CAT QBank that serves as the gold standard for the CAT because we know that your dreams are not average. 

What Makes Our QBank the Best?

1. Syllabus:

PrepLadder’s question bank covers the entire CAT syllabus, ensuring that you don’t have to rely on multiple sources of questions to have everything that you need. Every topic of all three sections is covered because when we say that PrepLadder is your one-stop solution for the CAT, we keep our word.

2. Detailed Explanation:

Our question bank is not just a list of questions and answers, it comes as a package deal. The concepts that form the basis of the questions asked are well explained. The goal is to make your learning journey as convenient and hassle-free as possible. You don’t have to look for the explanations and detailed solutions in different books because the app does that for you, saving you a lot of time. The time you save here gets utilized in practicing more and becoming a better version of yourself with every question. 

3. Category-wise division:

Great organizational skills play a pivotal role in ensuring good performance in the CAT. But, it is not possible to become flawless at organizing things in a few days. The good news is that we have got you covered on that! You focus on acquiring other skills important for clearing the exam, while we take care of the rest. The questions are divided into categories like Subject-wise division, Topic-wise division, and Subtopic wise division. It cannot get more efficient and simplified than this, thereby ensuring that you don't have to worry about having everything sorted. Our question bank promises convenience, becoming the companion you can rely upon when there is so much to cover in a short span of time. You don’t have to go from one source of information to another, purchase markers to have a file distinctly categorizing the questions because we have taken care of that, better than your imaginations.

4. Previous Years’ Questions:

A systematic collection of the previous years’ questions ensures that you are aware of the exam pattern and it acts as the key determinant of the course your preparation journey takes. All the previous years’ papers that are on your ‘must-haves list’, are on the app. So you can check this off your list with no room for doubts.

5. Expected Questions: 

Along with the questions that have been asked before, the ingenious educators at Prepladder have also compiled a list of the expected questions. This list is a product of years of experience and a perfect series of analyses, conducted to deliver you the best. So when you come across lots of familiar questions on the final day of the examination, you will know that you invested your faith in the best question bank ever.

6. Defined Sequence:

Sometimes doing things in a proper order can make a significant difference, impacting the final outcome in great ways. But how do you determine the correct sequence of learning topics and then attempt the questions? Well, you have to consider a lot of factors before you finalize the plan. Before you start brainstorming, you must know about the good news we have for you. We have prepared a topic-wise sequence for you to make sure that your CAT preparation ride is the smoothest one you could ever ask for. Knowledge of a particular concept can help you understand certain topics with more ease than you anticipate. Considering this and several other factors, our team has curated the list that ensures an unruffled passage from one topic to another. Similarly, when you attempt questions in this order, your preparation is directed in the right way. 

7. Video Linking:

While checking results, it is natural to feel tempted to pause the analysis, open a new tab, begin the search for the videos related to the questions you have doubts about, and then come back to the test analysis. But you don’t have to take the long route because we have linked the videos related to the questions so that the explanation you seek is just a click away.

8. Post Submission Analytics:

After you have submitted the practice test, you not only get to know about your scores and the correct answers, you get everything you wanted in a question bank and much more. You get the details like:

  • Your rank
  • Marks
  • Percentile
  • Total time taken
  • Number of correct answers
  • Number of incorrect answers
  • Number of unattempted questions
  • Number of guesses 
  • The scores of everyone who took the test
  • Your comparison with the topper
  • Your subject-wise rank
  • Accuracy
  • Performance graph

The test analysis is so elaborate that figuring out your way to the desired rank no longer remains a dream. It aims at giving you absolute clarity about your performance so that you can work on your weaknesses, and don’t confine your preparation only to the topics you like. Also, the comparisons instill the spirit of healthy competition, thereby giving you the motivation you need to bridge the gap between your dreams and reality.

If you use this question bank efficiently, nothing will dare act as a roadblock in your way and success will seem closer by many miles. As a CAT aspirant, there is a lot on your list to do and if a perfect question bank is one of those things, it is about time you leave that to us and focus on the rest of the list.

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Ridhima is a Content Writer at PrepLadder. She aims at making a significant difference in the academic journeys of Medical PG, NEET SS, and CAT aspirants through her content.