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Why Online CAT Coaching is a Better Option for you

May 13, 2022

why online CAT coaching is a better option for you

After you are done with the struggle of whether or not to do an MBA, the subsequent battle is to choose a coaching institute. With the availability of offline and online CAT coaching, selecting a good coaching institute or partner for your CAT preparation can be challenging and confusing. But don't worry. We are here to help you make the best choice for you. 

However, before we come to that, let us first understand the need for coaching.

The Common Admissions Test (CAT) is a test of aptitude more than any other quality. Aptitude is something you are born with and can develop over time. It does not come from studying alone. Plus, all the books and other resources you require are already available in the market. So why look for a coaching institute at all?

Preparing for the CAT exam is tough, no doubt. Candidates have to prepare for the written exam, personal interview, Written Ability Test, and Group Discussion, among others. While a select few students can manage to prepare independently, most students rely on some coaching. This reliance on coaching is necessary because the majority of the students need guidance in their CAT preparation. 

A good coaching institute has benefits like excellent teaching faculty, well-prepared CAT Mock Tests, and efficient study resources like specially curated study notes. Benefits like this are why you should attend a good coaching institute, which is why most CAT aspirants do.

However, this presents a few problems. Let’s have a look at them. 

Key Challenges of an Offline CAT Coaching Institute 

You Have To Relocate

Most of the excellent CAT coaching centers are located in the country's major cities like Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Pune, and Bangalore, and, a majority of them are situated in the capital, Delhi. If you are not from one of these cities, you would have to relocate to a city with a coaching center.

Seat Of Admission Is Not Guaranteed. 

The best faculty and, thereby, the best institutes are usually highly sought after. The coaching centers have limited seats. In this case, you will be competing against lakhs of other students to get admission into the center of your choice. Can you imagine? So much competition before the exam has even begun! 

Doubt Resolution Can Take Days.

Just think about it. One teacher or faculty teaches one subject matter to hundreds of students. So naturally, they will not be able to give you time as per your need because they need to divide their time among other students as well. The process usually goes something like this, you first have to call the center and book an appointment with the concerned teacher, and only then they will allow time for you. Considering the number of students in a single batch, this can take days. In the time it would take for them to resolve your doubts, you could have moved ahead with your preparation. 

Class Timings Are Fixed. 

In an offline coaching center, classes are conducted according to a routine, and the timings are fixed. If you are a CAT aspirant and a working professional, you will have to leave your job in order to pursue your dreams. For many, having to let go of their source of earning might not be an option. 

Even for those who are not working professionals, this might be an inconvenience. Study timing preferences are different for different people. While some students are early birds, others are night owls. When you study during your preferred hours, you achieve higher levels of productivity. You will not have the freedom to do that with offline coaching.

Huge Cost

Before the pandemic, fees for top CAT coaching institutes ranged anywhere upwards of Rs. 50,000. However, after the pandemic, prices have come down because of the entry of online learning platforms. Even so, offline centers still charge double or triple the fees charged by online learning platforms. For example, at PrepLadder, our CAT Dream Pack is charged at Rs. 9,190! That is less than a third of the amount charged by coaching centers in Delhi and Chandigarh.

These are a few of the problems associated with offline CAT coaching institutes. In fact, these have revealed themselves to be problems only because of the entry of online learning players into the market. Online platforms proved that there was a better way to prepare for CAT. 

Now let's look at the benefits of online CAT coaching. 

Benefits of Online CAT Coaching

Your Time, Your Place

What could be better than attending classes when and wherever you want to? Especially if you are a working professional. And if you are a student, it doesn't matter if you are a night owl or an early bird. You can study whenever you feel the most productive.

No Limits On Sign-ups

Unlike the physical classroom, in an online platform, you are guaranteed to get a slot and access all the resources available on the platform. You can prepare under the expert guidance of the top CAT faculty in the country and access the highest quality resources. 

Quick Doubt Resolution

In the online world, you do not need to wait for days to get a response from your teacher. You submit a request on the platform itself, and the faculty will try their best to get back to you in the shortest time possible. Similarly, at PrepLadder, we try our best to provide video solutions to all doubts. This ensures that students get complete clarity on their doubts and questions. 

Best Faculty And The Best Resources, All In One Place

Every teacher is an expert in a particular subject, and it is rare to find multiple renowned subject experts all teaching under the same roof. 

In fact, this never happens because, just like the CAT aspirants, the best teachers are also scattered across the country. You cannot study logical reasoning in Delhi and go to Hyderabad for your VARC, can you? Of course not. In the best case 

Online coaching makes it possible to find all the best teachers in one place. You can access the best quality study resources and study under the guidance of renowned faculty members, all from the comfort of your home. 

It is Affordable 

Post-pandemic, a reputed CAT coaching center in Delhi will charge you anywhere upward of Rs. 30,000 for a year, and that is speaking conservatively.

In less than 1/5th of that price, on online coaching platforms like PrepLadder, you can have access to the best faculty for CAT and, at the same time, have the premium study resources compiled for your benefit. 

If you want more information on how to prepare for the CAT exam and the selection process involved, watch the video below:
CAT 2022 preparation guide for beginners

And there is more! Online platforms these days have gone a step ahead to make competitive exam preparation more engaging and efficient for you. For example, on platforms such as PrepLadder, there are entire teams dedicated to preparing high-quality QBanks and notes so that you can focus on understanding the concepts. 

In addition, tests and quizzes are gamified so that you are constantly motivated to learn and remain engaged in the pursuit of your dream. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

So you see? The perceived benefits of attending an offline coaching institute are easily replicated and better executed on the online coaching platforms. This means you can have all the benefits of attending a physical coaching class but at a fraction of the cost.

So there you go. These are all the reasons why you should consider online coaching for your CAT preparation. 

And if you are looking for that perfect learning partner who will give you access to some of the most renowned CAT faculty in the country, then PrepLadder is the right choice for you!

Whether it is the right teachers, the right resources, or the best price, PrepLadder is the one-stop solution for all your CAT preparation needs. So, download the PrepLadder app to get started and experience a revolution in CAT education.

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