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Jan 06, 2019

We have spent a year to put together the Dream Team for FMGE preparation. Dr. Deepak Marwah (Medicine) Dr. Gobind Rai Garg (Pharmacology) Dr. Vivek Jain (PSM) Dr. Sparsh Gupta (Pathology) Dr. Apurv Mehra (Orthopedics) …. And many more. For complete list of faculties click here. All the faculties at PrepLadder are considered the best in their subject and their conceptual videos have received rave reviews from students. Going into 2019, we understand that your time is precious, so we’re focusing on helping you maximize your output. PrepLadder is the only platform providing a course specially designed for FMGE. We’ve trimmed out the fat and built high yield content that gives you only the essentials for MCI exam. All new question bank with content according to REAL FMGE. We won’t ask you to study something that’s not important for the exam. Our theory: You can go into depths of subject when you do your PG. Our job is to help you clear the exam in the most efficient way possible. In line with this theory we’ve prepared notes from all our videos.

Features of PrepLadder Notes:

  • Structured according to the app lectures
  • Handwritten with neat & clean writing
  • Revision-friendly
  • Fully colored
  • Incorporated with images used in the lectures
  • Easy to understand
The notes have been written in order to save your time while studying and help you revise faster.

High yield topics from PrepLadder Notes:

Following are some topics from PrepLadder notes. All subject notes will consistently follow the same quality.
Subject Topic Notes
Ophthalmology Conjunctiva Download Now
Obstetrics Rh incompatibility Download Now
Pharmacology Pituitary-Hypothalamic System and Thyroid Download Now
Gynecology Fibroid Download Now
ENT Facial Nerve Download Now
Pathology SLE Download Now
PSM RNTCP Download Now
Microbiology General Microbiology Download Now

How to buy PrepLadder Notes?

Notes are free with FMGE Video Pack only for early bird subscribers only. Once the early bird offer is over, notes can only be bought with Video Pack. Hard copy of PrepLadder notes will not be available for anyone else. Soft copy however will be available in individual subject apps and PrepLadder app for all premium subscribers. Haven’t Registered for Early-bird offer yet?? Enroll now at: 2019.prepladder.com/fmge Hurry! Offer ends soon... ** Your pack will be converted to a PG pack once you clear FMGE. Other FAQs:
  • Option to buy individual subject notes will not be available. Only a complete 19 subject pack along with the Video Pack will be the only option.
  • Notes will be delivered free of cost to your doorstep within India.
Still, have a query? Go through the FAQ’s If you’re ready to study hard for FMGE, let’s start this journey together. Also Read our blogs for FMGE Preparation :
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Best Wishes. Team PrepLadder
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