6 Months JEE Mains Study Plan By Toppers

Nov 08, 2021

6 months jee study plan by toppers

Tighten your seat belts to get onboard on the forthcoming JEE Mains exam journey as the time has come. The race to crack the JEE Mains with a good score brings the question in mind: effective 6 months study plan for JEE mains. It is always suggested to start burning the midnight's oil as soon as possible to avoid anxiety in the examination hall because such a short time is left and the syllabus is vast. As you know that the JEE Main exam is conducted twice a year - January (expected) and April. With only six months left for April, candidates should follow a well- organised 6 months study plan for JEE mains by JEE toppers.

JEE Mains is a critical exam as it is the gateway to the top renowned institutes like IIITs, NITs, and CFTIs. If you want to take admission in one of the IITs, you have to crack JEE Mains first. You can attempt JEE mains twice; thus, there is always hope with the 2nd attempt (April). Moreover, it is a computer-based exam. Here we are sharing the 6 months JEE mains study plan by JEE Toppers for you and try following these tips to enhance your preparation during the last 6 months: 

1. Get Familiar with JEE Mains Exam Pattern 

Before starting anything else, please get familiar with the JEE Mains exam pattern because it is crucial. You should know the outline of the JEE mains and for this, see the number of questions asked under each section, time duration, exam mode, marking scheme, types of questions, total marks, exam medium and subjects. Moreover, get familiar with the pattern of paper A and paper B in detail.

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2. Know Your Syllabus

The next step is to get to know the whole syllabus, important chapters and topics from each subject. The syllabus might be vast, but there are important topics you need to be thorough, which are important with high weightage. Also, pay attention to the difficulty level of the exam, one-liner questions, MCQs, basic concepts, and last year JEE question paper trends.

3. Follow a Study Plan

Now create a feasible and efficient 6 months study plan for JEE Mains. Design it so that all subjects get equally covered at your convenience. Make sure to complete daily tasks each day without postponing them. Furthermore, schedule your sleep, daily routine, meals and leisure time accordingly and relax your mind and body with short breaks between your studies.

4. Opt the Right Study Material 

Studying from the right books and study material plays a significant role in your JEE Mains preparation. Try to opt for books that have comprehensive, error-free, accurate content covering the whole syllabus with a detailed explanation. The textbooks should be in simple language with easy to grasp concepts. Study in-depth and learn your basics. Do not run away from your flaws; instead, try to work on them. Turn your mistakes into strength.

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5. Check Your College Cut Off

It is necessary to see the previous year's cut-off marks so that you can intensify your preparation strategy and try to score more than the cut-off marks. Checking your dream college cut off always motivates you to obtain a high score, modify your preparation strategy and prepare well. 

6. Previous Year Papers

It is always advised to keep previous year's papers handy during JEE Mains preparation because it gives you a fair idea about exam pattern, marking scheme, important questions and self-assessment. Solving last year's papers helps candidates categorise questions into different difficulty levels- easy, moderate and tough. Therefore, try to solve one question paper daily.

7. Solve Mock Tests

Mock tests are an essential tool for JEE mains as they let you experience the real-time exam environment, help analyse your preparation, mistakes, and strengths. Furthermore, it helps you learn time and pressure management. So, solve as many mock tests as you can.

8. Seek Expert Guidance

If you find it challenging to prepare independently without any coaching, seek expert guidance from a mentor. Join any online or offline coaching for JEE mains. It will ease your nervousness about the exam. A good mentor will help you clear your doubts and help you prepare well to score a good rank. Also, a mentor helps clear concepts with a unique strategy, provide targeted coaching, identify students' weaknesses, and work on them. So, find your JEE mentor now!

9. Time Management

Managing time is a vital factor in JEE Mains as it boosts confidence, provides ample time for detailed revision and practice. Ultimately, it enhances your performance and score. It is further divided into two parts- for the preparation phase and during the exam itself. Each question consumes different time, so try not to spend too much time on one question: instead, move on to the next question. 

10. Revision is the Key

Revision is the most productive way of learning and retaining information for a longer time. Be assured to revise each topic of the syllabus during revision as it will help you achieve a good rank in the examination. Revision enables you to remember the concepts for a long time. So try to utilise a month before exams only for revision.

Structure your 6 months JEE Mains study plan so that no chapter in Chemistry, Physics and Maths remains untouched. Make short notes while studying and mark the topics which require more hard work and are more challenging. Practice numerical questions daily.  

I hope this 6 months study plan for JEE Mains by JEE toppers will help you excel in your preparation and score a good rank. Also, you can take assistance from the PrepLadder app to excel in your JEE preparation. It has exclusive study material, lecture videos, QBank, Custom module and many more treasures to help you through your JEE Mains journey.

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