All You Need To Know About PrepLadder IIT-JEE YouTube Live Streaming

Nov 14, 2021

JEE Lectures YouTube Live Streaming

At PrepLadder, we always surprise you with the most advanced learning means and methods because it is our ultimate goal. Moreover, we are always looking for exciting ways to enhance your IIT-JEE preparation

We are happy to announce that our top-notch JEE faculty will be live streaming to level up your JEE Advanced preparation! So, clear your doubts in Physics, Maths and Chemistry to get an edge over your exam preparation. You will also gain amazing insights for your Olympiad preparations.

Youtube live streaming will be starting from 15th November 2021 and will end on 9th December 2021. 

Are you excited? It is something way better to fuel your IIT-JEE preparation.

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Need for IIT-JEE YouTube Live?

As we all know that technology plays a significant role in education and learning; therefore, to help IIT-JEE aspirants, our educators will deliver live lectures on  various JEE Advanced and Olympiad topics so that you can grasp the information in more depth in an engaging way. And, most importantly, it is free for JEE aspirants all around the world!

Now clear your doubts about JEE topics, grasp the concepts, ace the JEE Advanced and Olympiad. It will give you an extra edge in your preparation. 

For your convenience, here is the topic-wise JEE YouTube live schedule:

1.Important Reactions of AlcoholsVikram Sir15th Nov
2.Crack Physics International Olympiad: Impulse and MomentumUpvan Sir18th Nov
3.Beggar’s Method in PnCPankaj Baluja Sir22nd Nov
4.Higher Order Problems in ElectrostaticsNitin Sinha Sir23rd Nov
5.Tough Questions on relation between A.M, G.M and H.M. (Application in finding range using it)Pankaj Baluja Sir29th Nov
6.Mind Boggling Problems from Current ElectricityNitin Sinha Sir30th Nov
7.Tough Questions on relation between A.M, G.M and H.M. (Application in finding range using it)Pankaj Baluja Sir2nd Dec
8.Conceptual Problem on Capacitive CircuitNitin Sinha Sir3rd Dec
9.Tough Questions on relation between A.M, G.M and H.M. (Application in finding range using it)Pankaj Baluja Sir6th Dec
10.Let's Crack RMO: ILATE in by-partsGaurav Bhatt8th Dec
11.High Yield Problem on Moving Charge Particle in Magnetic FieldNitin Sinha Sir9th Dec

Benefits of IIT-JEE YouTube Live Learning

1. Live Interactive Experience 

Participate in interactive live chat, and ask questions. Get in touch with the JEE Dream Team and our expert educators will respond to your queries while streaming live. 

IIT-JEE Dream Team

  • Nitin Sinha Sir- Faculty Physics
  • Upvan Mittal Sir- Faculty Physics
  • Pankaj Baluja Sir- Faculty Mathematics
  • Gaurav Bhatt Sir – Faculty Mathematics
  • Gaurav Tiwari Sir- Faculty Chemistry
  • Vikram Singh Sir – Faculty Chemistry

2. Cover IIT-JEE Untouched Topics

IIT-JEE educators will put some limelight on the following sections:

  • Logical and reasoning skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Frequently asked topics
  • Clear confusing topics
  • How toppers solve tough problems

3. Better Learning Experience

  • Learning from IIT-JEE live sessions is a unique experience compared to traditional classes. It will cover untouched topics and examples of JEE Advanced. 
  • It will cover +1 and +2 Physics, Maths and Chemistry topics.
  • Get a boost to your Olympiad preparation with JEE Advanced.
  • You will find rare and exclusive content from PrepLadder. The Youtube live sessions will cover those topics which you will not find anywhere else.

4. Accessibility

Get access to live streaming straight from your doorstep. Any JEE aspirant who has a proper connection can connect and become a part of the PrepLadder YouTube Live community.

Therefore, don't miss this golden opportunity to clear your concepts, solve queries, ask doubts to move a step forward in IIT-JEE preparation. Dream Team's purpose is to offer you a seamless learning experience.

Come with us from 15th November 2021 on a single platform of PrepLadder IIT-JEE YouTube Live Streaming and get your doubts resolved. Grab this chance to practice exclusively with the PrepLadder.  
To learn more about JEE mains and advanced updates, stay tuned to our Telegram Channel.

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