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Oct 26, 2021


"With hard work and effort, you can achieve anything". It is a perfect phrase for JEE preparation because Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is the topic of discussion for every aspiring engineer and they can crack JEE with the right direction and efforts. Its craze and popularity are increasing by leaps and bounds nowadays. Therefore, to help droppers, class 11th and 12th JEE aspirants, we share a complete guide on JEE Main and Advanced. It will guide you the best to reach your destination.

JEE Preparation in 11th Class

At the starting of class 11th, you have two years to plan an effective strategy for JEE. Right from class 11th, seek expert's assistance because enrolling on professional coaching will provide you with the actual exam pattern, updates and competition. 

JEE Preparation in 12th Class

JEE Mains and Advanced preparation depend upon how clear your class 11th concepts are. So to kickstart your JEE preparation, find a mentor or enrol with online coaching.

JEE Preparation Tips for Droppers

If you are a dropper, don't lose hope. There is always a second chance, and you should always grab it instead of wasting it on thinking about what went wrong. 

As you know, we have had a wonderful experience helping medical aspirants reach the top of success. And, now we have stepped into the JEE realm. Whether you are a 10th, 11th, 12th class student or a dropper, we have a complete exclusive range of resources for your JEE Mains and Advanced preparations. Let's have a look at the excellent study material available for JEE:

1. Video Lectures

Do you know that videos create a more engaging sensory experience than using print materials only? PrepLadder Dream Team for JEE is experienced, top-notch and subject experts. The mentors deliver interesting video lectures, in-depth understanding of concepts and topics, comprehensive coverage, with exhaustive examples (examples that cover all possible questions).

JEE Dream Team

  • Gaurav Bhatt Sir, Faculty Mathematics
  • Gaurav Tiwari Sir, Faculty Chemistry
  • Nitin Sinha Sir, Faculty Physics
  • Pankaj Baluja Sir, Faculty Mathematics
  • Upvan Mittal Sir, Faculty Physics
  • Vikram Singh Sir, Faculty Chemistry

2. QBank

PrepLadder JEE QBank is curated by its Dream Team, consists of chapter-wise, expected JEE pattern questions, and covers the entire with detailed explanations. It is high yielding and suitable for every JEE aspirant from beginner to advanced one. Moreover, it has a separate section for the previous year's questions.

Moreover, you can customise your QBank easily! For this, we have a JEE custom module, an assembled collection of the content for the unlimited practice of QBank, test series, and MCQs. It intends to support the themes, objectives, and concepts of your JEE course. Moreover, you can explore the content in any order at your pace. You can practice, filter and prepare questions as per your comfort.

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3. Mock Tests

The mock tests offered by PrepLadder are precise and based on the JEE exam pattern. Feel the actual exam-like scenario and gain confidence. These are chapter-wise organised and curated by subject matter experts and JEE Dream Team.

Mock tests help to improve your efficiency, accuracy and time management skills. Furthermore, it helps to identify the difficulty level of the exam (easy, moderate or tough). Thus, attempting the questions of the custom module, you can evaluate your performance at all three levels.

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The PrepLadder JEE learning resources are exclusive, high-yield, error-free, comprehensive, and created by the JEE Dream Team. These valuable resources will not only give you a real exam experience but will also test your preparation against lakhs of competitors. So, get set to level up your JEE preparation sessions and get these resources quickly from the Prepladder app in no time. 

Check out PrepLadder's Early premium Access offer here and get the immediate benefits of discounts. So, do not miss this golden opportunity; let's start JEE preparation in full swing and come out with the flying colours.

Now you can easily access subject tests, previous year's questions, and comprehensive study material on the PrepLadder app. Moreover, JEE video lectures delivered by Dream Team are in-depth, which cover your JEE exams, state engineering exams and board exams preparations altogether.

Soon we will launch a focused JEE Advanced and Rank Enhancement strategy. It is exclusive for IIT-JEE aspirants, which will primarily concentrate on JEE Advanced aspirants. Furthermore, we will soon launch Lecture Notes (both in pdf format and prints). It will save your efforts and time to only focus on video lectures with no worries about taking notes.

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