How Do Online Courses Help In The Preparation For JEE?

Sep 30, 2021

JEE online course

Students have been gruelling themselves for years, attending school and coaching classes, balancing the school course with IIT-JEE entrance exam preparation. Coaching institutes are always famous amongst JEE aspirants. Regular coaching classes could lead to lower concentration and can decline the learning capacity of students because they struggle to attend the coaching classes due to exhaustion and travelling. But now, online learning courses have emerged as a promising alternative for students. 

With the help of online classes for JEE, students can learn at their own pace and have various engaging learning options such as video lectures, test series, presentations, notes, and more. They can get the latest JEE tips from the subject experts at their doorstep. Let us discuss how online courses can help in the preparation of JEE. 

1. More Engaging

Usually, students find JEE online classes more engaging than regular classes because students feel less intimidated about participating in the online course. Students hesitate to ask their doubts in regular coaching classes and don't feel like participating in discussions. On the other hand, they give answers freely without hesitation, ask questions and participate in discussions during online classes. 

Moreover, online classes combine their study material with multimedia formats, such as videos, images, and 3-D diagrams, which fascinate students. Therefore, it becomes easier for students to grasp and retain the information they have seen in video lectures.

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2. Better Time Management

Online learning offers time flexibility to both types of students- morning birds or night owls. It is an excellent option as students can make their study schedules according to their needs. They can manage time in a better way and can reduce stress. They can study at a time when they are most efficient in a day by eliminating distractions.

3. Individual Guidance

JEE aspirants often feel depressed and stressed as they want to perform the best in the final exam. They lose self-confidence and have low esteem. At such times, they need personalised guidance and support from their challenges. Mentors of online coaching institutes emphasise providing exam tips, motivations, personal advice, moral support, one to one discussions platforms, and a friendly environment for their students. Individual guidance is one of the best features of online classes because it helps students get personalised support.

Another significant feature of online coaching is that parents can actively engage in their children's learning journey by getting the latest updates of their child's performance through emails and messages. 

4. 24X7 Mentors Availability

JEE aspirants feel restlessness whenever any doubt strikes them, and they want their doubts to be resolved soon as possible. Many expert JEE teachers suggest students should get their doubts solved to avoid confusion. Piling up on your doubts often leave them unsolved until exam time, causing panic and chaos. 

Here comes the role of online classes that allow students to ask doubts any time of the day in separate doubt clearing sessions through their mobile apps. You might not find this kind of advantage in a regular coaching institute where teachers hardly have any time to discuss students' doubts.

5. Budget-Friendly

You can not neglect the fact that offline coaching institutes fees are very high for the complete JEE preparation, test series and study material. But, not every student can afford that much coaching cost. On the contrary, online learning is comparable cost-effective. It is an affordable, comfortable, accessible learning method through which students living even in remote areas can also prepare for JEE entrance. With online learning, students don't need to relocate to other cities and bear living expenses. 

6. Abundant Resources

Though coaching institutes offer study material, still students need to pen down notes while the educator is teaching. On the other hand, in online coaching, students can watch video lectures frequently till their doubts diminish. Online classes provide a variety of study material, ebooks, and mock tests making student's learning more effortless and effective when compared to regular coaching.

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7. Self-Paced Learning 

Online learning gives students extra time for self-study as they do not waste time commuting to their regular coaching classes. Instead, they can get the best JEE online course according to their pace and comfort right from their roofs. Students can watch video lectures an unlimited number of times until they understand the concepts. Students do not have to attend the classes at fixed times; thus, they can be available for family events and festivals. Online learning enables students to be responsible for their studies, family and social life, while learning with offline classes gives students limited time to self-study, and they work hard to match the pace of the course. 

Online IIT-JEE coaching gives students a chance to self analyse by solving online mock tests and help to boost their confidence. In other words, it makes students overall IIT-JEE preparation. For JEE aspirants, online learning is emerging as a promising option especially when staying at home has become a new normal. Online courses are more engaging, convenient, and accessible learning options for students. You can connect with your teachers from any part of the world at any time to seek personal guidance and support to boost your confidence. 

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