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What Does It Mean To Have A Career In Internal Medicine?

Jan 29, 2022

Career In Internal Medicine

If you are wondering what your professional life will be like if you study Internal Medicine or are figuring out things about various branches to arrive at a definite conclusion, this write-up is for you! Dr. Dilip Kumar, an esteemed part of the Dream Team, sheds light on what it means to have a career in Internal Medicine, and we promise you that the few minutes you invest in reading this blog and watching the video below will help you make one of the most crucial decisions of your life. Moreover, having a clear focus paves the way to strengthen your resolve and will give a definite direction to your preparation journey. 

ENT Residency

A Career In Internal Medicine: Pros

Flexibility and independence

One of the best things about pursuing a career in Internal Medicine is that the dependence on other branches is minimal. You can independently take care of almost everything.

The complexity of Internal Medicine

There are two ways to look at the complexity of this branch - 1) You can let the challenges overwhelm you, which makes complexity a negative factor. Or 2) You can choose the curiosity it generates. Getting to the bottom of the situation and making the perfect diagnosis are the most interesting aspects of this field. An Internist’s life revolves around unraveling the mysteries of the medical world, and this part of their journey makes it very meaningful, rendering them the ability to 

Impacting lives

Every member of the healthcare community significantly makes a difference in the lives of people suffering and need to be taken care of. People look at you with hope in their eyes, and your white aprons are indeed the capes of the real-life superheroes you are. We know you stepped into the world of healthcare with the aspiration to relieve people of their pain, and after choosing Internal Medicine as the branch of your choice, you make a significant difference. In fact, slightly more than other branches because this field lets you focus on preventive care.

Diverse Super-Speciality options

After choosing the road of Internal Medicine, you will have a wide range of NEET-SS branches to choose from- Cardiology, Rheumatology, Pulmonary Medicine, Gastroenterology, Critical Care, Endocrinology, Hematology, and many more.

Tips For Residency

Avoid empiricals 

While emergencies require you to make empirical diagnoses, one must avoid these in order to become a better clinician. Your conclusion should be the outcome of evidence. 

Keen observational skills

Having keen observational skills will lead you to making faster diagnoses and will play a pivotal role in the initiation of timely treatment. An Internist is responsible for designing the roadmap to a patient’s journey.

Striking a balance 

To be a successful clinician, it is important to strike a balance between book-reading and practice. You must study as well as expose yourself to various clinical scenarios. Read books and articles, keep yourself updated with the new research, and invest 50% of your time in dealing with patients.

Diagnosis is everything

This should be your mantra throughout your residency and career. Once you have the diagnosis, the rest of the journey becomes smoother.

Know what is normal

Understanding the normal anatomy, physiology, and body function lays the foundation of your professional journey as a doctor. Knowing what is normal is crucial for every Internist to make a place for themself in this field by giving an accurate diagnosis and earning a good reputation. 

Don’t be confined to just one branch

Focusing on just Internal Medicine will come in your way of becoming a good Internist. It is essential to take into consideration every factor and look at a patient as a whole. Most importantly, if you are not a good Internist, you can’t become a good super-specialist.

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A Career In Internal Medicine: Cons

  • Scores are not satisfactory.
  • Selecting a Super Speciality branch can get very tricky.
  • Making satisfactory money can be a task for some.

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