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Importance of Taking Regular Mock Tests for NEET SS

Jun 18, 2021

Importance of Taking Regular Mock Tests for NEET SS

NEET SS is a very crucial exam for medical students and its preparation requires them to give dedicated hours of study which is an absolute necessity to crack the exam. Since the syllabus for NEET SS is vast and would require a lot of time to cover all the topics, it is advisable to build a study schedule beforehand which will enable you to bag your dream SS seat.  Apart from knowing the syllabus and exam pattern, it’s important for a NEET SS aspirant to practice as many questions as they can before the actual exam.

This blog has been created for NEET SS aspirants to help them with their exam preparation.

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What are Mock Tests?

Mock tests are trial exams that you take before appearing for the final exam so that you can assess your level of preparation, re-strategize it and be aware of the areas where you are lagging. These should be attempted by students who are preparing for competitive exams as these help them in getting familiar with the exam pattern and build a time management strategy for the actual exam day. From NEET-UG, NEET-PG to the NEET-SS exams, every speciality has mock tests of its own. These practice tests are extremely beneficial for students to do exceptionally well in their medical entrance exams.

Benefits of NEET SS Mock Tests

Given below are some pointers to inform you about the importance of taking NEET SS Mock Tests. 

Track Your Progress Easily

Gone are the days when we used to wait for days after taking the test for the results. With NEET SS tests, you won’t just save your commuting time, but also cut down your waiting time for the results. PrepLadder SS test analysis gives instant feedback and evaluation right after the test. This helps you to identify the gaps in your preparation and in rectifying them.

Develop The Right Exam Strategy

Exam strategy is important for cracking the NEET SS exam. The primary motive of mock tests is to create a benchmarking tool that will help students to measure their preparedness for the exam. Here are some NEET SS Preparation Tips to help you build your exam strategy. Mock exams will also help in developing the right test-taking strategy through a proper performance analysis in each mock.

Take Tests From The Comfort Of Your Home

Most of the candidates preparing for the NEET SS exam are working medical professionals. Therefore, it is difficult for them to be available at the test venue on the scheduled date. PrepLadder has saved students in this respect, as they can take an online test from the comfort of their home at their convenient time.

Get The Real Feel Of The Exam

Being placed in the same situation, feeling, and the same amount of pressure before the actual NEET SS exam will inculcate self-analytical capacity and confidence in the student. Mock Tests help in reducing pre-exam nervousness, as the candidate has already appeared for a version of the exam before and on the final day, the candidate will be more relaxed.

Watch Dr. Dilip Kumar (Expert Faculty for General Medicine, PrepLadder SS) talk about the Importance of Taking Regular Tests:

Practice A Variety Of Questions

Mock tests are important because of the practice they provide. For the NEET SS exam, revision is the key to remembering all that you have studied. Multiple attempts of the Mock Tests help you revise the entire syllabus in the simulated setting of the actual exam. This way you can remember all that you have learned and will perform well in the final exam.

Time Management

Managing to finish the NEET SS exam on time is really challenging. Mock tests help you with time management which, in itself, is half the work done. With mock tests, you are given the chance to work on this problem and turn it into one of your strengths. After taking several mock tests, you are in a position to work on your weaknesses and come up with a plan to overcome them.

Easy Doubt Clearing

While solving the mock tests, you can mark the questions in which you have doubts and can get them cleared by PrepLadder SS Dream Team. This ensures by the time you appear for the main exam, all your doubts will be cleared from the comfort of your home.

Post Exam Analysis

After each mock test, you must spend time understanding and analyzing your mistakes. It’s important to go through all the test sections carefully to understand them. As a NEET SS aspirant,  you should try to work out each and every question in different ways and then look out for solutions. Through this kind of preparation, you can expect to improve your understanding of concepts and basics which could be applied in the final exam.

“My advice is, never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.” – Charles Dickens

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