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Sep 19, 2021


In India, the NEET-UG exam is mandatory for an aspirant to become a medical professional. And for this, you need to be proficient and aware of terms and concepts of Biology especially. Though Physics and Chemistry are also important subjects, Biology constitutes almost half of the weightage of the NEET-UG syllabus.

Students often tend to forget the basic concepts taught in class 11; therefore, students must get conceptual clarity from class 11 and start preparing for NEET right from class 11. PrepLadder has brought NEET-UG QBank (question bank) for all medical aspirants, a one-stop solution for better learning and preparation.

So, do not miss out on the opportunity, get the comprehensive QBank and give an edge to your preparation.

Importance of NEET-UG QBank

Without practising mock tests and question banks, a competitive exam is incomplete. Practice NEET-UG QBank to crack this exam with a good score. It would help you practice question banks to brush up on a specific topic and master your weak areas. 

The syllabus of all three subjects- Physics, Chemistry and Biology are vast. Therefore, from an exam point of view, it is crucial to prepare smartly. For this, our Dream Team has curated a question bank (QBank) on NEET-UG covering all the questions on the three subjects of classes 11 and 12. Additionally, the question bank also covers other essential topics from related sources. It covers questions from previous years, recurring questions, and the most important questions. 

This article will put the limelight on the most comprehensive NEET-UG QBank that has launched on 17th September 2021.

Features of PrepLadder NEET-UG QBank

1. Curated by Dream Team

The NEET-UG QBank is unique, high yielding and is curated by our experienced Dream Team covering quality questions to test your in-depth knowledge of concepts. Each question is framed in such a way to help students focus on their ideal preparation and help them identify their mistakes. 

Our Dream Team for NEET-UG includes the star faculty who are experts in their respective subjects. We assure you will not find such a phenomenal question bank that is efficient, error-free, topic wise and has solved problems. 

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2. Expected NEET-UG Pattern Questions

PrepLadder QBank emphasises conceptual questions meeting actual NEET-UG level exam. The questions are drafted so that when students prepare for the first time, they will not struggle. You will find it easy to moderate and then moderate to challenging level questions to gradually build your pace, problem-solving skills and knowledge in a fixed time. You will find organised and solved numerical problems.

3. Covers Entire Syllabus

PrepLadder NEET-UG QBank covers the entire syllabus. It makes you exam ready and assures you not to encounter any surprises on the exam day. All questions are of high probability, making you familiar with the entire syllabus so that you do not miss any single topic. 

4. Covers Previous Year Questions

PrepLadder NEET-UG QBank is designed to have a designated place for the previous year question papers in it. You will find extensive previous year's question papers for better understanding and clarity. Thus, you don't have to hustle for several study materials and reference books. It is a kind of one-stop solution for all your doubts and queries. Find the multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and previous year's question papers in a single place in QBank, so you do not need to hustle!

5. Detailed Explanations

The PrepLadder NEET-UG QBank is suitable for every NEET-UG learner, be it beginner, intermediate or advanced. It is specially designed to simplify tough to grasp concepts. Every question is provided with a detailed explanation to make it simple to grasp for the students. Whenever the NEET-UG syllabus changes, the QBank is updated from time to time. It is wholly solved with conceptual and precise explanations for better understanding. 

6. User-Friendly Interface

PrepLadder QBank has a user-friendly interface providing quick access to its common features so that you can study according to your pace and convenience, practice NEET-UG questions anytime, wherever you want on your PC or mobile. Furthermore, the PrepLadder app is always in absolute synchronisation with your PC and laptop.

We at PrepLadder are carefully looking for new and inspiring ways to improve the means of better learning for you! To make your NEET-UG preparation productive, enjoyable and effective, we have introduced to you QBank- the Gold Standard for NEET-UG! It is perfect for personalised learning and a one-stop solution for all your NEET practice questions. It is created to help students learn, practice, and understand questions and concepts in-exam pattern manner. Thus, explore NEET-UG high yield QBank and start preparing for NEET-UG early to take the first flight of success.

We have collated important topics for students' ease as we understand and value the importance of time in a students' life to have an effortless and smooth searching experience, which is just a click away here. 

If you are a PrepLadder premium subscriber, you'll get full access to this new NEET-UG QBank from 17th September 2021. And if you aren't a premium subscriber, still you can easily enrol for a premium membership on the PrepLadder app, which is the best app for NEET-UG exam preparation. Our PrepLadder QBank: the Gold Standard for NEET-UG, is launching on 17th September 2021. Ace your NEET-UG preparation with PrepLadder QBank and grab a seat in your desired medical college.

Stay updated, and practice with the most comprehensive QBank ever for NEET-UG!

Best Wishes!

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