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All You Need to Know About UPSC PrepMagazine & PrepNotes.

Dec 13, 2021

All you need to know about UPSC PrepMagazine and PrepNotes

The country’s most coveted UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) requires exceptional preparation coupled with perseverance and assistance from a reliable training partner.

Fulfilling the dream of becoming an IAS officer should be constantly fueled with the right training tools and a positive mindset. Being positive is the most crucial aspect of the UPSC exam preparation, and as far as the training tools are concerned, don’t worry about that. We, at PrepLadder, have got you covered!

After transforming your CSE preparation with unique tools such as PrepSummary- Complete NCERT Notes, QBank, Custom Module, PrepLadder now brings you the UPSC PrepMagazine and PrepNotes.

We knew you would need it during your preparation. Hence, we created it upfront. Let’s understand what PrepMagazine and PrepNotes are and why they are a must for the preparation?

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PrepMagazine- Your Monthly Dose of Current Affairs

As a Civil Service aspirant, you should be updated with current affairs at all times.

To help you stay updated with the recent events of national and international importance, we have introduced a smart feature for intelligent aspirants like you- UPSC PrepMagazine.

Wondering what it will entail?

  • Comprehensive Coverage of Relevant Newspapers so that you don’t miss crucial information.
  • It has Crisp, Concise, Effective and Exam relevant content crafted for quality learning.
  • Distinct Prelims & Mains Section to cover all the aspects in a comprehensive manner.
  • Mind Maps, Infographics & More so that you retain information for a longer period.

Since CSE preparation is not just about only studying and reading newspapers, it’s way more than that. It’s about progressing gradually in your preparation journey with self-prepared notes.

However, at PrepLadder, we have a different perspective for Notes, and that’s why we have brought PrepNotes for you.

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PrepNotes- For Those Who Dare to Dream

Unlike regular notes, PrepNotes are the best-ever notes for UPSC CSE preparation. You will experience a significant change in your preparation once you access these notes. Curious, what’s so unique about these notes?

Well, these are:

  • Comprehensive Notes based on video lectures by the DREAM TEAM.
  • Colored Notes with high-quality images for a better understanding of a topic.
  • Have high yield information in the form of tables, flowcharts, and mindmaps.
  • Topics are marked with timestamps.
  • To add value to the PrepNotes, we have already provided QBank with detailed explanations and Solved PYQs.

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While you march towards success, PrepLadder will continue to be at your side with unique preparation tools such as PrepMagazine and PrepNotes launching on 24th December 2021 that add more value to your preparation journey. So, mark your calendar as they will transform your preparation.

PrepLadder has everything required to crack the UPSC Civil Services examination on one platform.

It includes concise, effective, and well-planned video lectures by our Dream Team for UPSC, a well-structured and high yield QBank, highly competitive PrepTests based on real exam patterns, and Previous Year Papers in the form of tests

Keep following our articles and our Telegram channel to apprise yourself with the latest information about the exam. 

All the best for your exam.

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