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Last Two Months' Strategy for Prelims

Apr 13, 2022


Everyone has their strategy to crack any examination including the Preliminary examination of UPSC, but some points can be taken care of to have proper utilization of crucial time during the UPSC exam preparation. 

“Be confident” is one of the important things which should be always in our minds in the last few days. We should always think that every aspirant is struggling with the same issues and challenges, so we have to be calm and confident in this phase to score better than our less confident peers.

Strategy can be divided into two categories

For an aspirant who had already cleared the preliminary examination in the last attempts

  • You already have experience in clearing examinations but don’t be overconfident.
  • Try to have complete focus on the preliminary examination now as other aspirants (especially first attempter) are devoting maximum energy and time to the preliminary examination.
  • Focus on static subjects like modern history, polity, art and culture, geography, and economics in the first phase as a question from these can be solved if you revised them now and do not find time just before prelims.

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  • In May, try to study the subjects which you think would take less time and more things needs to be remembered. For example, Medieval history terms, Environmental Terms and Conventions, endangered species etc.
  • Try to solve as many mocks as possible to get ideas about silly mistakes.

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For Aspirants who are very new in the Preparation and are giving their first attempt

  • Along with all points mentioned above, you have to be smarter as exam pattern is continuously evolving in an unpredictable direction.
  • Don’t be overburdened with new material now and try to stick to your already studied material.
  • Try to solve as many mocks as possible and that too of different coaching institutes.
  • Focus on science, environment, ancient and medieval history now itself as new aspirant have tendency to neglect such subjects whereas UPSC is having high weightage of these subjects.
  • Always try to revise maximum times and highlight your mistakes during mocks so that such mistake does not happen in examinations.
  • And ultimately, it is a competition where absolute marks are not relevant however you should score more than your peer competition, however low it may be. So don’t be underconfident by seeing your score in mocks and have faith in your hard work.
  • At the same time, silly mistakes cannot be tolerated in such a cutthroat competition age so always be in high spirit in this time of preparation as this time is the only deciding factor whether you have done hard work for the whole year or not.

Finally, All the best and be confident. 

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