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Toppers Tips to crack UPSC Exams

Jul 21, 2021

Tips to Crack UPSC Exams by Toppers/ PrepLadder UPSC

It is always better to understand and follow the topper’s strategies to crack the UPSC exam. It is a dream of many aspirants to crack the UPSC exams, but candidates should remember that a big dream takes bigger efforts. Securing a significant All India Rank in Civil Services Examination (CSE) is very challenging. Every year lakhs of UPSC aspirants appear for one of the country’s toughest exams, but only a few manage to crack it.

Challenging, tricky, and thought-provoking: these words are often used to define the level of the UPSC examination. This is mainly due to the increasing competition and complexity of the question paper which has made it tough for candidates to get through. To clear the exams with a good rank, one needs to follow different methods of studying to be at par with the level of the UPSC examination.

‘Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently. CSE toppers who were once aspirants are now proud Civil Servants. Needless to say, the journey of becoming ‘Somebody’ (IAS/IPS/IRS) from a ‘Nobody’ (Candidate) is often tough and mentally exhausting. However, defying all odds, UPSC toppers accomplish their goals with the right blend of dedication and smart work. You too can become like them.

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Being a UPSC aspirant, you need to have the right mindset and approach during your preparation. In this article, we will guide you with the useful tips that UPSC toppers have followed and practiced religiously. These ideologies have helped them climb up the ladder of success and we believe that if you follow the success mantra of the UPSC toppers, you will be successful in cracking CSE with utmost ease. Before we begin, let’s first have a look at the common qualities that all UPSC toppers share.

Top Common Qualities of UPSC Toppers

Discipline and Will Power:

IAS toppers understand the importance of time and energy in their study routine, hence they are extremely particular and disciplined about their daily study routine. Besides exceptional discipline, they possess strong willpower as well.

Consistency and Dedication:

What usually sets an IAS topper apart from an unsuccessful IAS aspirant is the consistency in his UPSC exam preparation journey along with strong dedication. To be consistent in exam preparation is a commitment that IAS toppers give to themselves.

Never-say-die Attitude:

IAS toppers don’t give up or get discouraged, no matter what! They have a laser-like focus towards their ultimate goal. This attitude keeps them motivated throughout the whole process of the IAS exam.

Toppers Tips to Crack the UPSC Exams

Below-mentioned are some best study tips that have helped many UPSC toppers to ace the country’s toughest examination:

#1 Internal Motivation

Right from the Prelims to the Final Interview round, the UPSC journey is a long process of over one year. It requires dedication, exceptional willpower and sustained motivation to prepare consistently for the exam. Thus one should always be optimistic and internally motivated. If at any time you feel low or lack motivation, always ask yourself, ‘Why do you want to become an IAS officer?’

#2 Focus on Preparation

It is crucial to be focused and not get distracted during UPSC exam preparation. One should not bother with the noise going around such as the number of vacancies are low, the UPSC is doing away with the optional subjects, etc. Instead, your focus should be on your preparation and how to make it more effective.

#3 Select the Right Optional

Selecting a wrong optional is equivalent to inviting unnecessary trouble! One should have a basic understanding of the subject they are opting for the IAS exam. The optional subject should not feel like a burden, hence only choose a subject you are comfortable in. Once selected, candidates should equip themselves with every small piece of information about the subject.

#4 Engage in Effective Study

There is no use in studying for an extended period, say 12 hours, if you are unable to comprehend even a single topic. Even 8 hours of quality studying can do wonders during exam preparation. Make sure to study with full concentration as half-hearted efforts are not fruitful and don’t yield the desired results. Always remember, it is the quality that matters not quantity.

#5 Focus on Answer Writing

Writing satisfactory answers is an art and it should be mastered early. Answer writing practice is of paramount importance in the context of ‘Mains Examination’ and should be started immediately after the Prelims exams. If done with dedication, it can fetch better marks in the Mains examination.

#6 Preparing Notes

Note preparation should be done from day one of your preparation. The importance of note making during UPSC exam preparation cannot be emphasized enough. To know more about note-making and its significance, read: Importance of Note-Making in UPSC Preparation.

#7 Reading Newspapers

UPSC aspirants are well aware that reading newspapers is of paramount importance in the Civil Services exam preparation. Every topper recommends reading good newspapers like The Hindu or The Indian Express for staying updated with current affairs. Newspaper reading should be a part of your daily study routine while preparing for Civil Services Examination.

#8 Taking Mock Tests

UPSC exam preparation without taking mock tests is incomplete. Taking mock tests quite often serve the twin purposes of giving you a fair idea of what questions to expect and also helps you time your writing. They are a perfect source for analyzing your strengths and weaknesses.

#9 Timely Revision

It is a human tendency to forget things with time, and CSE exam preparation is no exception to it. Timely revision ensures that you retain information for a longer period. The importance of revision is twofold. Firstly, it helps you to remember facts, figures, topics and methodologies that you have covered some time ago. Secondly, If done correctly, it will help increase your confidence and reduce anxiety – you will be well prepared for your examination.

#10 Stay Healthy

The journey to becoming an IAS/IPS/IRS is a long one, and it can be completed only if you stay healthy. A healthy body fuels an active mind. Nobody wants to fall ill during the days of the exam. Apart from intense studying, you should also eat right, sleep well, and get enough exercise. It will keep you going to crack the civil services exams.

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