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ELITE Edge: Everything You Need To Know

Apr 19, 2023


At PrepLadder, our constant endeavour is to facilitate the achievement of academic excellence for medical aspirants through high-quality study resources.

Our ELITE plan already offers top-notch medical PG preparation resources, comprising conceptual video lectures, self-explanatory notes, and a high-yield QBank with over 70% clinical-based questions. 

Nevertheless, we have realized that some students require more than just access to the best preparation resources to achieve their full potential. They need intensive mentorship and motivation to unleash their true capabilities. 

So, for the students who are genuinely committed to achieving academic excellence but may be unsure where to begin - here's introducing Elite Edge.

ELITE Edge is a synchronous study plan spread across 166 days meticulously curated to cover the entire exam syllabus in a structured manner. It is specially developed to help you secure a higher rank in the upcoming NEET PG 2024 exam. 

What is ELITE Edge?

ELITE Edge is specifically developed to help students crack the NEET PG 2024 exam. It is a synchronized study plan that covers all aspects of preparation, including learning, practice, and revision.

The ELITE Edge course provides a day-by-day structured study plan, which includes daily targets of video lectures and MCQs. Additionally, it also includes regular tests and post-test LIVE discussions with the Dream Team Next Edition, which will allow you to analyze your preparation and benefit from spaced repetition.

ELITE Edge adds a layer of journey, mentorship, and motivation over the content already provided. It is designed to help you stay focused throughout your preparation journey and provide a sense of competition. 

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Important Details

ELITE Edge batch will start on 8th May and end on 23rd November. 

However, PrepLadder is offering a Free Trial of ELITE Edge for all our premium ELITE Plan and Dream Pack users. The free trial will begin on 8th May and end on 24th June after the first incremental test. During the trial period, you will cover Physiology, Pharmacology, Microbiology and Anesthesia. We highly recommend availing this opportunity to understand how ELITE Edge can revolutionize your preparation journey. 

Post the free trial, you can upgrade to ELITE Edge by paying the commitment fee of INR 9,900/-. However, upon completion of all tests and 133/166 learning days, the entire commitment fee will be refunded.

Who Is ELITE EdgeFor?

ELITE Edge is the perfect study resource for learners targeting the NEET PG 2024 exam but needs to know where to start their preparation or how to plan an effective strategy. 

The course is developed in a manner that demands nothing less than your 100% commitment and hence is not for everybody.

It is not the right fit for you if - 

You are not targeting NEET PG 2024. ELITE Edge is also not for students preparing for INI-CET 2023, FMGE December 2023 or even those aiming for NEET PG 2025. 

You cannot dedicate 6-10 hours of study time every day. ELITE Edge has a rigorous schedule, which you must follow religiously to achieve your goal. To stay on track with your preparation, you will need to meet the daily targets, or else missed topics will keep piling up. If you are working as an intern or part-time, you might find it difficult to meet your daily targets.

You are studying from older version content. ELITE Edge is structured around the Next Edition content. So, if you're looking to benefit from this course, ensure you're prepared to study from the Next Edition material.

Key Features of Elite Edge

ELITE Edge has an array of unique features meticulously integrated to elevate your preparation journey and enhance the chances of achieving your desired rank. With Elite Edge, you'll benefit from - 

Structured Study Plan 

ELITE Edge provides a synchronized study plan spread over 166 days with daily targets of video lectures and MCQs, covering the entire NEET PG syllabus in a structured manner. The course is designed in a manner that you will go through the basics first and build a strong foundation. Once you are done with the foundational subjects, it will be easy for you to go through clinical subjects as most of the topics will be covered before. This will help in integrating the subjects in a better way.

Rigorous Tests at Regular Intervals

ELITE Edge is designed for 360-degree preparation and hence has the provision to regularly evaluate your preparation through tests. A detailed test discussion with the faculty in a LIVE session will follow subject-wise tests. 

In addition to subject-wise tests, you will also have the opportunity to analyze your preparation through incremental tests, which will take place after the completion of 20, 40, 60 and 80 per cent of the syllabus.

Lastly, a grand test will cover the entire syllabus at the end of the course.

Live Discussion Sessions 

After every subject-wise test, a detailed discussion with the faculty will follow. During the discussion, all the questions asked in the test will be explained, and doubts will be answered.

These Live discussion sessions with the Dream Team Next Edition will allow you to analyze your preparation, identify areas for improvement, and clarify any doubts.

Monthly Orientation Sessions 

To assist you in maintaining your motivation and focus on your exam preparations, the Dream Team Next Edition will be hosting monthly orientation sessions. These sessions will allow you to review topics that you find difficult with our faculty and reinforce the knowledge you've acquired during the previous month.

Exclusive Discord Community

With Elite Edge, you will also get access to an exclusive discord community where you can directly interact with faculty and swiftly resolve your doubts. In addition to that, you can also connect with your peers and study collaboratively.

Note: Access to the exclusive discord community will be available for premium ELITE Edge learners after the end of the free trial. 

Intensive Performance Tracking 

Your progress will be intensively monitored throughout the course. You will be shown a detailed performance on the app, which will feature a detailed summary of your test performance along with insights on correct and incorrect answers, time taken per answer, peer comparison and insights on course completion, pending assignments, etc.

Elite Edge Introduction by Dr. Nikita Nanwani

To sum up, ELITE Edge can be an excellent preparation tool if used properly. So, register for the free trial and see for yourself how it can elevate your preparations.

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