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We at PrepLadder believe that every student, everywhere, should reach their highest potential.

How PrepLadder came into existence

Most young doctors go through a depressive phase in their careers. When they’ve cleared their MBBS, worked very hard to get a PG seat, but do not crack the competitive exam. PrepLadder was born out of a necessity when Dr. Deepanshu Goyal was going through the same phase after trying to clear the exam for 2 years but falling short. What started in their basement with an investment of INR 40,000 is now a global ecosystem with a team of the country's best faculties, the biggest student community and multiple channel partners. All spear-headed towards one basic goal: Guiding students out of that depressive phase and empowering them to take the next big leap in their career.

Growth story

Friends from school, Deepanshu, and Vitul got together to build PrepLadder in 2015 after a casual discussion about how young doctors have no significant career growth if they don’t do a PG (and how difficult it is to get in), unlike B techs and MBAs who have a million options.

At that point, Deepanshu had been trying and failing to get a PG seat for 2 years and had lost hopes. They got together to brainstorm ideas for a platform that could help such MBBS grads take the next big leap in their career. With an initial investment of INR 40,000 and a residential basement as an office, the two started building PrepLadder and chasing an impossible vision. PrepLadder quickly became popular among young students across the country and the team grew.

In 2018, the founders went on a mission to create the Dream Team for Medical PG preparation. In a time when best faculties preferred taking classes offline, this was an industry-level disruption.

While other companies were flooding the industry with investor money, PrepLadder pursued no external help and relied on their vision to get faculties to join them It took one whole year to build the Dream Team. A team of 19 legends, best in their field and aligned with PrepLadder’s goal. With the launch of a new app, new content, notes, and other supportive features in 2019, PrepLadder has changed the industry forever. We’re no longer a testing platform- We’re a growing ecosystem. As our product and team continue to grow, one thing remains the same: Our obsession with guiding students out of that depressive phase and empowering them to take the next big leap in their careers.

Name : PrepLadder Pvt. Ltd.

Head Office: Rajiv Gandhi IT Park , Microtek Building, Plot A 12, Chandigarh 160101

Our Leadership
Deepanshu Goyal

Deepanshu Goyal

Co-Founder, and CEO

A doctor by qualification and an entrepreneur by profession, the transition came when he was stuck in his career with no clear path for growth. Deepanshu is a hands-on leader obsessed with quality and creating an impact. His mantra for the team is “Create value for the student, don’t worry about the valuation”.

Vitul Goyal

Vitul Goyal

Co-founder, and CTO

He came up with the initial idea for PrepLadder and has built it from nothing ever since. Vitul has always been a tech genius but he found his real passion while building PrepLadder. He is one of the most hard-working people you can come across and the perfect nerd you would want by your side. He has a B.Tech and MBA degree from a well-reputed college.

Sahil Goyal

Sahil Goyal


His ardent leadership and tenacity is what makes Team PrepLadder a force to reckon with. He believes in achieving scale in whatever he does, a quality that our culture inherits from him. A multitasker by nature, Sahil dons many hats, all while building high-efficiency teams in the process.

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Team Work

We have our eyes set on the same goal of perfection. We, as a team, are united by the same thread of a dream so big and a vision so beautiful.


Our zeal and curiosity to dig in deep, rediscover new depths of excellence and find out what lies where no one has ever been, keep us ahead of everyone.


We are not afraid of starting and then nailing the things that may seem risky to others and initiating the unknown chapters that promise success.

Smart work

We don't believe in shortcuts. We firmly advocate working smartly & it reflects every bit in our approach and study material.
Fun and Interactive

Fun & Interactive

Our goal is to ensure that you are effortlessly able to associate education with fun and interaction through our engaging videos.

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