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Conceptual Video Lectures

Simplify key psychiatry concepts through our 100+ hours of comprehensive video lectures by India’s top Psychiatry faculty and develop a strong foundation.

Conceptual Video Lectures for Psychiatry Residency

Concise Notes for Psychiatry Residency

Access clinically oriented and concise subject-wise Psychiatry Residency notes featuring high-quality images for more immersive learning.

Concise Notes for Psychiatry Residency

Meet Our Psychiatry Residency Faculty
Learn from Dr. Ankit Goel, a leading psychiatrist, and simplify your residency journey with his knowledge and experience. Dr. Ankit Goel is here to guide you at every step of the preparation, enabling you to run the course well and ace the exams with confidence.
Frequently asked questions
This course is divided into 4 major parts-
  • Basic Sciences as applied to psychiatry
  • Clinical Psychiatry
  • Psychiatry sub-specialties
  • Neurology and medicine as related to psychiatry
And, the complete duration of the course will be around 100+ hours.
The comprehensive study course encompassed the entire syllabus taught during 3 years of Psychiatry residency. It is beneficial for first, second, and third-year residents, as it offers thorough syllabus coverage for the entire three-year residency. It can also be used to create content for journal clubs and seminars.  
The course is designed based on prominent textbooks, including Kaplan & Saddock, Synopsis, Rutter's Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Lowenson and Ruiz Substance Abuse, Kauffman Neurology for Psychiatrists, Maudsley prescribing Guidelines, Stahl Psychopharmacology, SIMS, FISH, DSM-5, ICD11.