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    No, once the plan is active for the chosen duration, you cannot pause your subscription.

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    Yes, you can. Just save the video you want to watch and find it under the Saved Videos on the Home screen as well as on the Prepare Screen in the App.

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    Yes, all the plan prices are inclusive of taxes.

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    No, you cannot share your subscription. Sharing won't be possible, but you can use the same credentials (login information) to log in on 2 different devices. Unfortunately, there is a catch: neither of these devices can play videos at the same time.

    Note: We advise you not to disclose your credentials to anyone.

    The Psychiatry Residency Program is a comprehensive course designed specifically for MS Psychiatry students in their residency years. Covering all essential topics required for theory and practical exams, this program offers a holistic approach to Psychiatry exam preparations.

    The course is divided into four major parts, including Basic Sciences, Principles and Practices of Psychiatry, General and Surgical Principles of Head and Neck, and Recent Advances. With a duration of approximately 150+ hours, it provides an in-depth knowledge of the key aspects of Psychiatry.

    This course serves as a one-stop solution for MS Psychiatry residents, offering curated content for exam preparation. With a busy schedule, it saves time by consolidating information from various sources into comprehensive lectures. Our dedicated Psychiatry faculty has meticulously compiled all essential information in a manner that fosters concept-building and improves clinical approach.

    Whether you're a 1st-year, 2nd-year, or 3rd-year residency, this course is tailored to cover the entire three-year residency syllabus. Additionally, it can be utilized for creating content for journal clubs and seminars.

    Yes, upon signing up you will get a 24-hour free trial to explore all our premium content.

    You should provide us with your valuable feedback. On the video player screen, you can click on Leave Feedback and rate the Video. Along with the rating, you can submit your feedback.

    Our team will look into it and reply as soon as possible.

    We have recorded videos in English only.

    There will be no doubts section in the app.

    You cannot change your plan after the purchase of the subscription.

    You won’t have the option of connecting to the faculty through the app.

    You won’t have the option of connecting with the faculty through the app.

    We use the phone number for student registration. That is why we request the student to keep their phone numbers intact for a smoother experience. In case of any issues, please contact us. Our customer care team will get back to you as soon as possible.

    In that case, all your data and usage will be safe on the cloud even if you Log in to a new device with the same credentials. (You cannot change your email address once registered). Note: We have enhanced our Login process recently by allowing students to log in via an already-registered Phone number also. Hence, we strongly recommend keeping your phone number intact for a smoother experience. In case of any issues, please contact us. Our customer care team will get back to you as soon as possible.

    We request you to close the app and open it again. Next, try logging out and logging in again. If it still doesn't work, please Contact us. Our customer care team will get back to you at the earliest.