Chandigarh, India
Scrum Master
Scrum Master Responsibilities:
1. Manage each project’s scope and timeline
2. Coordinate sprints, retrospective meetings and daily stand-ups
3. Training, mentoring, and supporting scrum teams to follow agile values, principles, and practices.
4. Facilitate internal communication and effective collaboration
5. Be the point of contact for external communications (e.g. from customers or stakeholders)
6. Work with product owners to handle backlogs and new requests
7. Resolve conflicts and remove obstacles that occur
8. Help teams implement changes effectively
9. Ensure deliverables are up to quality standards at the end of each sprint
10. Guide development teams to higher scrum maturity
11. Help build a productive environment where team members ‘own’ the product and enjoy working on it
12. Scheduling and facilitating scrum events, meetings, and decision-making processes.

1. Minimum 2 years experience in a scrum master role
2. Familiarity with software development, especially Mobile app development.
3. Excellent knowledge of Scrum techniques and artifacts (such as definition of done, epics, user stories, automated testing, backlog refinement)
4. Good knowledge of other Agile frameworks (Crystal, XP etc.)
5. Excellent communication and leadership skills
6. Problem-solving and conflict-resolution ability
7. Outstanding organizational skills
8. In depth knowledge of JIRA/Confluence is a must.