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CAT Preparation Tips | A Must Read For Every Aspirant

Mar 08, 2022

CAT 2022 Preparation Tips by a topper

It is essential to plan tailor-made strategies to bring out the best in you. However, tips by toppers, the ones who have successfully found their way into the best business schools of India, can help you pave yours with some brilliant tips for the CAT exam preparation. 

We got in touch with Mr. Yashraj Kothari, who sheds light on the strategies that worked out really well for him. 

CAT 2022 Preparation with the Tips Shared by a Topper

Right Mentorship for CAT

Expert guidance plays a pivotal role in shaping your career, regardless of your choices. Mr. Yashraj, whose roll number was accompanied by a remarkable score (98.74 percentile) in the result, expresses his gratitude for Mr. Jatinder Vohra’s impeccable teaching skills. Mr. Jatinder Vohra is a part of PrepLadder’s Dream Team and has helped many CAT aspirants across the country to live their dreams. It is crucial to choose your educators wisely because when you have someone to show you the right path, your hard work yields desirable results.

How much should you study daily?

Aspirants often ask how much time they should devote to CAT preparation every day. However, before asking anyone, you should analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Based on your analysis of how much you know and how far you need to go to reach the destination, you should plan your schedule. Yashraj was working full-time while preparing for the exam. However, he would devote two hours to the preparation every day and those one hundred twenty minutes were well planned and brilliantly executed. Compounding worked like a charm in Yashraj’s case. 

The key point to be noted is that regardless of the number of hours, it’s the quality of your preparation that will make all the difference. If VARC is a weakness, you need to spend more time reading and honing your skills to nail the exam. If Quantitative Aptitude is giving you a tough time, you need to ensure that your timetable has more room for it. Whether or not you are a working professional, your background (engineering/non-engineering), your percentile in the previously attempted exam (if this is your second attempt) are some of the factors that determine the number of hours. And whatever the number is, ensure that the quality is exemplary.

Reading for CAT

It is no brainer that cultivating the habit of reading is crucial while preparing for CAT. However, don’t confine it to your favorite authors and genres. Try to cover at least three articles every day, each belonging to a different category. From Psychology to contemporary issues, read everything while leaving no room for biases.


Playing Sudoku can lay a strong foundation for boosting your logical thinking, which can help a lot in your DILR preparation.

Mock Tests & Analysis

Weekends are for fun..and mock tests! It is important to not just test your knowledge every week by appearing for a couple of mock tests but also to analyze your performance.

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