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7 Important Lessons Learned From The CAT 2021

Dec 14, 2021

7 important Lessons learned from CAT 2021-PrepLadder

History is one of the mandatory subjects in school because it allows us to learn from the past, one lesson at a time. The ones aspiring to appear for the CAT 2022 must learn from the conclusions drawn by the candidates who gave the exam conducted on 28th November 2021 across the country in three different slots. We got in touch with some of them and noted the lessons they learned following their recent attempt. Through this blog, we aim to direct your CAT exam preparation on a definite path, thereby helping you prepare better for the CAT 2022.

CAT 2021: Important Takeaways

Leave no room for biases

This especially applies to Verbal Ability and Reasoning preparation. Regardless of what you like to read more or how incurious you are to learn about certain things, you must read about a wide range of topics from various relevant resources (scroll down to find the list of resources).

It’s inevitable to enjoy a particular genre more than others or develop a fondness for one of the three sections. However, you should not let this impact your preparation for the exam. 

All three slots can have varying difficulty levels

When you walk into an examination hall as a part of the group chosen for the first slot, you are prepared for surprises. And if you are supposed to appear for the exam in the second or third slot, you try to avoid those surprises by analyzing the exam. However, the downside of this activity is assuming that the question paper planned for your slot will have the same difficulty level as that of the first paper.

It impacts your mindset and can negatively affect your performance if you look forward to a moderate or easy exam paper and have to deal with a difficult paper. Your perspective can turn the tables, flaunting its potential to give you a tough time even when you know everything. The question paper set for the third slot of the CAT 2021 scored higher on the scale of difficulty level, and therefore, turned out to be a surprise (definitely not a desirable one! ). So, analyze the exam pattern and leave no room for assumptions, expectations, and conclusions for the difficulty level.

Learn to move on

In certain situations, moving on is an option. However, when you appear for the CAT, it is mandatory not to carry the baggage of performing inadequately in one of the sections. Sometimes, despite moving on to the questions of the next section, you are mentally stuck on the previous section. And this has a more adverse impact on your overall performance than you imagine. Therefore, it is crucial that you get rid of the burden of your performance in a given segment so that giving your 100% in the following sections becomes possible.

Learn tips and tricks for the VARC

Having a roadmap helps you reach the final destination quicker than you anticipate. It mainly holds true for Verbal Ability and Reasoning. The aspirants who appeared for the CAT 2021 state that specific tips and tricks benefited them a lot during the exam. They followed the guidelines of experts and the investment of their faith turned out to be fruitful. 

CAT Mock-Tests benefit you more than you know!

Mock tests help you understand the exam pattern, get better at time management, and become more confident. And there is a benefit that deserves more importance than it gets- they also help you get mentally prepared for the challenges you are likely to face on exam day. Every practice test challenges you differently. So, by making multiple tests, you become more prepared to deal with diverse situations without feeling overwhelmed. When you are mentally equipped to encounter anything, your journey becomes easier, and you are able to put your best foot forward.

Conceptual understanding is a must for CAT-QA

Solving one question after another, taking multiple tests, and having an effective strategy, won’t help you as aspired if you don’t understand the concepts of Quantitative Aptitude. The CAT 2021 aspirants recommend developing a strong, in-depth conceptual understanding, or else you will receive some unpleasant surprises on the exam day!

Reading-The habit that can be a real game-changer

You already know how important it is to read regularly. But do you know how this habit can turn out to be a real game-changer? The habit of reading (and not just the novels by your favorite authors) turns the VARC section of the CAT into your strength. It is a gradual process. However, the outcome is worth all the effort. Cultivate the habit, and when you appear for the exam next year, you will delightfully agree with us!

Relying on the following resources will help you enhance your skills:

  1. Aeon.com 
  2. Psychology Today
  3. Scientific American
  4. Nautilus.com
  5. Philosophy Today
  6. BBC Culture & Religion
  7. New York Times
  8. The Guardian

These lessons will help you develop an effective plan for the CAT 2022 preparation because when you are aware of the obstacles, overcoming them becomes easier!

All the best!

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