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Busting Myths About CAT & Online CAT Preparation

Aug 06, 2021

Debunk the myths about CAT preparation with PrepLadder

The Common Admission Test (CAT) is one of the most popular and competitive entrance exams conducted in India. With millions of aspirants from all parts of the nation aiming at cracking it and getting into an IIM, it is only natural that a lot is said and written about this exam. While some of the things you hear and read about the CAT and CAT preparation are true, there are a lot of myths that bear the capability to distract you and sometimes, misguide you.

Eliminating myths of all kinds from your path right in the beginning, removes the mist and helps you clearly see your goals. Half knowledge and wrong information can become your weaknesses and deteriorate the quality of your preparation. So, let’s debunk all the myths about CAT and show them the exit door.

Debunking the popular & unpopular myths

1. Only engineers stand a chance of clearing the exam in the first attempt:

It is true that a lot of engineers are drawn towards the prestigious IIMs and desire to witness the growth of their careers by bringing together science and management studies. However, it is wrong to assume that they have a monopoly in IIMs. For as long as your graduation scores meet the eligibility criteria and you acquired your education from a relevant institution, the name of your degree does not matter.

You can not only appear for the exam but also give a noteworthy performance if you are consistent enough. So don’t let anyone tell you that your degree can come in your way of achieving your big goal or that you can’t get into an IIM because you are not an IITian!

2. It is not important to appear for the CAT if you don’t want to get into an IIM:

Even if you don’t plan on getting into an IIM for MBA, a good CAT score will help you get admission into a good business school. Qualifying for the CAT and the rounds that follow is the only way that leads to an IIM. However, IIM is not the only destination that the CAT leads to. If entrepreneurship or a fancy job at a renowned company sounds like your goal, then you must prepare for the exam well and appear for it to open the door to multiple opportunities.

3. The CAT is too difficult to be cleared in the first attempt:

Regarding the first attempt as a trial because of the difficulty level of the CAT, can turn out to be a mistake. It goes without saying that getting a good score in the CAT is no cakewalk. However, it is not impossible to accomplish your IIM goal on the first attempt. All you need is an effective plan or a strategy that promises success.

You don’t have to appear for the CAT to get a better understanding of the pattern in the first attempt and save your best shot for the second attempt. Do your research before commencing the journey, aim right and put your best foot forward in the very first attempt.

4. It is mandatory to join coaching classes to get a qualifying score:

You will be told that the future does not await you with an outstanding result if you don’t join a reputed coaching institute. But every time you are told so, you need to remind yourself that you live in an era where technology has taken over and it has reformed the world of education. You can find engaging video lectures, well-structured mock tests, question banks, strategically compiled study material, and a lot more while sitting in the comfort of your favorite spot at your home or anywhere in the world.

Apps like PrepLadder have made it possible to bring together academics and engagement, making people across the globe switch to creative ways of learning. As a CAT aspirant, you must look forward to diving into the enormous pool of knowledge that eLearning apps and online coaching have to offer.

5. You can’t take the CAT after you have turned 30:

Age is just a number when it comes to the CAT because it does not matter if you are 24 or 42. Graduates of any age are allowed to appear for the CAT. In fact, the work experience gained over the years is advantageous in the selection rounds that follow the CAT. If you really want to take the exam, just go for it without worrying about the date on your birth certificate.

6. You must attempt all the questions to crack it:

Attempting all the questions is a safe thing to do in case the marking scheme has no place for negative marking. But in the CAT, for every wrong answer (for the MCQs), one mark is deducted and that can significantly impact your ranking.

Accuracy is an important determinant of your future in the CAT. Therefore, a CAT aspirant must focus on gaining clarity about the concepts to be absolutely certain while appearing for the exam. Correct answers will take you to an IIM, an impressive number of attempted questions won’t.

7. Female aspirants are not able to perform well in Quantitative Aptitude:

The myth that gender has anything to do with solving mathematical and aptitude questions, can lead to making a lot of female candidates doubt their potential. In fact, the IIMs have witnessed an increase in the number of female selections in the last few years. Don’t let a myth like this hold you back by assuming that a particular section of the CAT is your weakness because of your gender. At the end of the day, your hard work and performance on the final day, make all the difference.

8. It is rewarding to join Facebook study groups:

It is advised to stay updated, consistent, and motivated throughout the preparation journey but a social media platform has no role to play in ensuring this. PrepLadder allows you to study with your friends and monitor your and their performance at all stages. This is the kind of group learning you need if you are seeking persistence and constant encouragement. Social media platforms can act as the distractions you need to keep out of your way to utilize your energy and potential in the desired way.

You are on your way to achieve something big and carve out a niche for yourself in the business world. Don’t let fictitious claims and invalid assumptions become your hurdles by distracting or misleading you.

Work hard, work smart, and work right.

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