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CAT 2022 : Find Errors In The Blog And Send Us Your Answers

Feb 19, 2022

CAT 2022- Prepare with PrepLadder

We know how committed you are to ensuring that your CAT exam preparation is devoid of flaws and that every lecture, every mock test, everything you do acts as a polishing stone and refines the quality of your preparation. We planned a series of fun activities for you so that while reading our articles you feel inspired, learn effective strategies, and also become a better version of yourself by devoting a few minutes.

Reading is an essential aspect of the journey as it opens the gateway to vocabulary enhancement and confidence building for attempting VARC effectively. However, it is not easy to cultivate the habit of reading at this stage if your idea of a perfect evening does not involve a good book with your kind of coffee. So, we decided to make it enjoyable by adding a little twist.

The following excerpt has been taken from a book based on an American spiritual leader’s life. However, we have deliberately made three errors in it for you to find, giving you a reason to indulge in a carefully reading session.

Find errors in this excerpt and enhance your CAT preparation

“Designed by the British Connaught Circus was laid out in an immense circle surrounding a spacious park. Exploring the enclosed walkway, my attention was drawn to a hand-painted sign that read, “S.S. Brijabasi and Sons Religious Artwork”. Stack on the sidewalk were hundreds of 8 X 10 prints. I was lured to look closer. The prints, full of marvelous figures that struck me as very odd yet very beautiful, were like windows into a world of colors, mysteries, and magic.

I wanted to keep one as an object for meditation. Looking into my small bag, I saw that I barely had enough change to buy a single image. For about an hour, I sat on the sidewalk searching the selection. Among the pictures was a beautiful woman with eight arms holding swords, choppers, and spears and riding on a lion, then a fantastical, somewhat pudgy man with the head of an elephant who was sitting on a mouse.

Flipping by them, I found the picture of a handsome blue person with four arms decorated with elegant ornaments lying on a multi-headed serpent; next was a tranquil yogi immersed in meditation with snakes wrapped his limbs, the moon resting on his head and water gushing up from his hair, and then there was a heroic boy holding a spear while riding above a peacock.”

You can share your answers at . We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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