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CAT 2022: FREE Access To The Best Quantitative Aptitude Content

Jan 28, 2022


What if you are told that you can enrich your CAT exam preparation with the guidance of the best mentors and make the most of the study content designed and developed with perfection without paying anything? Do you find it hard to believe? 

Well, it may sound too good to be true, but you know we neither joke nor make false promises when it comes to your preparation. You have an opportunity to access the Quantitative Aptitude study content for FREE till 17th February on the PrepLadder app.

Here’s what’s in store for you on the app

The most informative CAT Video Lectures

When you learn from exemplary educators and use their strategies, tips, and tricks to enhance your knowledge, all the obstacles between your aim and yourself are eliminated. Mr. Jatinder Vohra knows how to lead you to the IIM of your dreams because his lectures make Quantitative Aptitude seem like a cakewalk.

Now that you have the chance to learn from him for FREE till 17th February, seize this opportunity!

Question Bank for CAT 2022

PrepLadder’s CAT Question Bank includes high-yielding questions from all the topics of all three sections. This systematic collection of exam-relevant questions gives you a chance to ace every subject as it not just gives you ample content for practice but also ensures that the questions mimic the actual exam pattern and you don’t come across surprises on the exam day!

This masterpiece is a product of immense research, expertise, extensive experience, and the realization that every aspirant has a preparation path of their own.

You can customize the QBank based on:

  • Number of questions
  • Subject
  • Topic
  • Specific tags
  • Level of Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard)
  • Type of Questions (Previously attempted, Unattempted, Incorrect, Bookmarks)

Among other things.

To read more about PrepLadder’s CAT QBank, click here.

For a subject like Quantitative Aptitude, practice is the key. And you should not miss out on the chance to practice the QA questions developed by the experts along with the previous years’ questions without paying a penny!


Option 1- Pick test series from a random source.

Option 2- Test your knowledge the right way by appearing for the exam-relevant mock-tests.

The latter seems like the right way to go about it, doesn’t it? However, we have a third option! The one that allows you to take the most high-yielding mock-tests for FREE till 17th February. 

The best QA tests await you on the app; not with just question marks but with a detailed report card containing the following: 

  • Rank
  • Marks
  • Percentile
  • Total time taken
  • Number of correct answers
  • Number of incorrect answers
  • Number of unattempted questions
  • Number of guesses
  • The scores of everyone who took the test
  • Your comparison with the topper
  • Your subject-wise rank
  • Accuracy, and 
  • Performance graph.

The PrepLadder app is home to all of this and much more. It’s not an everyday occurrence that you get to test a study resource for free before you invest your faith in it. While you have that opportunity, make the most of it and take the first step towards the commencement of an incredible academic journey, the one that will take you to one of the best business schools in the country!

Download the app now and turn Quantitative Aptitude into one of your strengths without paying anything till 17th February.

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