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CAT 2022 | HOTS (High Order Thinking Skills) Notes | Because Your Dreams Matter

Dec 22, 2021


CAT exam preparation kit for the CAT 2022:

A preparation plan, books, an exam relevant-question bank, informative video lectures, mock-tests, and content for revision. Yes, you need content that is exclusively developed to ensure that your revision is effective, efficient, and yields the desired results. We at PrepLadder decided to complete your kit with the best CAT notes an aspirant could ask for-HOTS (High Order Thinking Skills) Notes. This is not just a concise compilation of all the information you need; it is the perfect revision companion that will eliminate the mist and help you see the IIM of your dreams clearly.

HOTS Notes: The Perfect CAT 2022 Revision Companion


The HOTS notes aim at helping the learners consolidate their understanding of concepts. Every aspect of these notes is a product of our ambition to give you the best revision content. We could have meticulously compiled the notes and announced the completion of the job. But we chose to introduce the features that will make your revision journey a cakewalk.

Time Stamp

This feature allows the learners to conveniently switch to a particular segment/component/concept of a given video for quick access. There are times when you need to revise a specific topic or revisit a part of a lesson, and you end up watching the entire lecture for that part. We want you to utilize every minute of your time well, and that’s why the feature of Time-Stamp found its way into the app. 


Mind Maps allow you to quickly revise topics in an engaging way, ensuring that no part of a given section/topic is missed.

Key Points & Important Information

These help you access the required formulae and short-cuts without hassle. Key Points are your go-to-companions for quickly going through the important concepts. 

Curated by the Dream Team

The High Order Thinking Skills Notes are planned and developed by the most experienced educators, who ensured that the outcome of their hard work and expertise was every bit perfect. They understand the mindset of a CAT aspirant who is all set for the last lap and needs every important concept easily accessible. Therefore, everything has been planned and curated considering the requirements of an aspirant in the phase of their preparation. While revising any topic, a learner requires content that is concise, comprehensible, and includes exam-relevant information in a way that you get to visit the notes more than once, thereby strengthening your conceptual understanding. The HOTS notes check everything off your list, making the revision process a smooth ride for you.

The promise of perfect CAT 2022 Revision

It is an ideal revision tool for CAT preparation. Whether you want to read a topic you feel under confident about, or you want to go through the list of short-cut techniques; whether you want to revise a topic you recently learned through a video lecture, or you want to refresh your memory and revise something you studied six months ago- HOTS notes is your one-stop solution for all things revision!

No matter how far you have come in your CAT preparation journey, you won’t reach the destination if your revision plan does not include all the essentials. And you don’t have to struggle to gather the required assets because HOTS notes are everything you need.

Get ready to revise like never before; get ready to Own Your Dream with PrepLadder.

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