CAT 2022 : Interesting Ways To Prepare For The Exam | Let's Begin With Sudoku!

Feb 14, 2022


While making a preparation plan for the CAT 2022, aspirants ensure that they employ effective strategies to make the most of every day. Every learner understands the significance of lectures, books, a good question bank, hard work, and perseverance in their CAT exam preparation journey. However, fun activities like SuDoKu don’t get the credit they deserve. It’s crucial that you don’t fall prey to distractions like binge-watching web series and aimless Instagram scrolling. But you must not mistake certain games and fun activities for time wastage, and SuDoKu is one of those!

Considering the same, we are starting a series to include some fun activities to ensure that some of your breaks turn into productive episodes of taking your preparation to the next level!

How can SuDoKu help in CAT preparation?

  • Sudoku is a game of numbers that requires you to use logic. It boosts your logical thinking, which is one of the strongest companions you need during the exam. 
  • As you concentrate and find the correct numbers, you use the elimination technique to rule out the incorrect options. This helps you in building the right mindset for solving caselet-based puzzles.
  • As you play the advanced levels, this game makes you look for that one number that will initiate your journey and make the rest of the game manageable. The DILR section of the CAT often requires you to find the constraint that will make the set solvable, ensuring efficient time management.

Now that you know how having fun can also play a pivotal role in boosting your CAT preparation, it’s time to rack your brain and accept the given SuDoKu challenge,

Begin With Sudoku

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