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CAT 2022 Preparation: Start Your Journey The Right Way

Dec 28, 2021

CAT-2022-Preparation Guide

Before you gear up to initiate one of the most significant academic chapters of your life, it is crucial you do it the right way. Your CAT exam preparation plan for the CAT 2022 must include all the noteworthy points, thereby ensuring that every step takes you closer to the IIM of your dreams. Only when you have a roadmap can you find the right way in an unfamiliar land. And only when you rely on the right resources for the map will you find the path you are seeking. So, let’s get started to discover the perfect road that will lead you to the Indian Institute of Management.

CAT 2022 Preparation Tips 

Analysis of the previous years’ papers

One’s understanding of the CAT pattern and analysis of the previous years’ CAT papers can play a pivotal role in ensuring as few undesirable surprises on the exam day as possible.

When you are aware of the pattern, difficulty level, and common challenges, your preparation strategies promise effectiveness. 

We got in touch with the candidates who appeared for the CAT 2021 and noted down the important takeaways to help you plan your preparation accordingly.

Here’s the list of lessons that should go on your board of crucial reminders:

  • Biases & favorites are not allowed!
  • Different slots = varying expectation
  • Leave the baggage behind
  • VARC Tips can help you a lot!
  • CAT Mock-Tests benefit you more than you know!
  • Conceptual understanding is a must for QA
  • Read, Read, Read!

To read about these in detail, click here.

To learn more about the analysis of PYQs for the LRDI section, click here.

The Dream Team at PrepLadder wanted to make sure that all your answers about the CAT 2021 are answered so that you don’t have to rely on multiple resources to resolve your queries.

Watch the following video based on the CAT 2021 analysis to have a clearer preparation path.

Apt Books for CAT 2022 preparation

Before you leave for your favorite bookstore in the city or order the CAT books, you should have the definitive list of books required for the preparation. It is not about the number of books in your possession but about the relevance and their significance in your journey. You can hoard an impressive number of books, but the quality of your preparation and your retention ability will determine your performance. Therefore, pick wisely!

CAT coaching and lectures

One of the perks of being a CAT aspirant in the present day and age is that there is no dearth of options. From prestigious institutions to customer-friendly applications, you are just a decision away from accessing a pool of knowledge. However, there is a downside too. Having access to multiple resources can baffle aspirants, and this is why many of them end up making incorrect choices. Relying on an E-learning platform can play a pivotal role in a CAT aspirant’s journey because it allows you to study from experienced mentors without going through the hassle of relocating or struggling to get attention in a room full of candidates. 

The app you choose for your CAT preparation must include everything, allow you to study from experienced educators, have thousands of high-yielding questions and tests, and enable you to analyze your performance. 


Having access to quality, easily retainable, concise, and exam-relevant notes is not a bonus in your CAT preparation; it is mandatory.

While ensuring conciseness, your notes should also include everything important. Remember, you are not looking for the notes that will complement your preparation like an accessory; you need the notes that can conveniently act as a revision tool.

Considering the necessary requisites, we at PrepLadder have planned, designed, and developed the HOTS (High Order Thinking Skills) Notes. Whether you want to read a topic you feel underconfident about, or you want to go through the list of short-cut techniques; whether you want to revise a topic you recently learned through a video lecture, or you want to refresh your memory and revise something you studied six months ago- HOTS notes is your one-stop solution for all things revision!

To learn more about HOTS notes and their features like Mind Maps, Time Stamp, etc., click here.

Question Bank for CAT 2022

Your CAT Question Bank should include high-yielding questions from all the topics of all three sections. Qualifying as a perfect blend of quality and quantity, the questions should be relevant from the examination point of view.

PrepLadder’s QBank not only meets the fundamental requirements but also allows you to customize it as per your convenience and schedule. This masterpiece is a product of immense research, expertise, extensive experience, and the realization that every aspirant has a preparation path of their own.

You can customize the QBank based on:

  • Number of questions
  • Subject
  • Topic
  • Specific tags
  • Level of Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard)
  • Type of Questions (Previously attempted, Unattempted, Incorrect, Bookmarks)

Among other things.

To read more about PrepLadder’s CAT QBank, click here.

Mock-Tests and Performance Analytics

Mock-tests are essential to help you enhance your time management skills, get acquainted with the challenges you are likely to encounter on exam day and help you improve.

PrepTests by PrepLadder mimic the exam pattern, are planned and developed by experts, and ensure that you make significant progress. Also, after you submit your test, you get a report card with all the details you could need:

  • Rank
  • Marks
  • Percentile
  • Total time taken
  • Number of correct answers
  • Number of incorrect answers
  • Number of unattempted questions
  • Number of guesses
  • The scores of everyone who took the test
  • Your comparison with the topper
  • Your subject-wise rank
  • Accuracy, and 
  • Performance graph. 

Your dreams are not ordinary, and therefore your preparation should not be just good/sufficient; it must be impeccable!

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