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CAT- What are the advantages of online coaching?

Jul 23, 2021

Advantages of Online Coaching for CAT

When your desired destination is one of the top Indian business schools, you need constant guidance to make sure that you are headed in the right direction. Coaching institutes have dominated the world of entrance exam preparation and the CAT is no exception. However, with technology having made a place for itself in every sector through the ease it brings, things have certainly changed. Moreover, the havoc created by COVID-19 made the CAT aspirants across the country ask questions like ‘how to prepare for the CAT at home?’ 

It is therefore not surprising that E-learning platforms have successfully changed the way people look at CAT preparation. It is not just a trend that has suddenly gained popularity and is likely to fade away with time. When you analyze the advantages of online CAT coaching, you can easily conclude that e-learning platforms and CAT preparation apps are here to stay.

With many people still favoring the conventional coaching methods over educational apps, it is only natural to be uncertain about choosing the latter. If you have been brought here by some doubts about the same, here is a list of the advantages of online coaching that will give you the clarity you seek:

1. Saves time

An e-learning platform does not require you to step out of your home, dress up, travel to an institute miles away, and spend hours waiting for your turn to ask questions. You can access the content compiled by experts from your smartphone or laptop because everything is literally a few clicks away.

If you choose an app like PrepLadder that is available across all the platforms (iOS, Android, and web), you have the luxury of carrying a treasure house of knowledge in your pocket. While preparing for an exam as challenging as the CAT, you have to ensure that you utilize every minute of your day and every day of the preparation phase smartly. Online coaching enables you to plan your study timetable in a more effective way, ensuring better performance.

2. Top-class educators

There is no CAT aspirant who would not want to learn from the best educators, the ones who know everything that there is to know about the exam. The idea sounds amazing and is undeniably every candidate’s dream. Some years ago, it would have sounded like something achievable only by a few fortunate CAT aspirants. But platforms like PrepLadder have made the expertise of top-notch teachers accessible to everyone. They not only are knowledgeable, highly qualified, and absolutely brilliant but also know how to share their wisdom in an engaging way. Online coaching helps you learn from the best and it is this kind of guidance that prevents you from making mistakes in this crucial journey.

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3. Favorable in unprecedented times

COVID-19 affected billions of people across the world, with a huge impact on students of all age groups. Academic institutes shut their doors last year to prevent the spread and the story remains unchanged even in 2021. In times like these, online coaching for the CAT is not an alternative but the only option to ensure proper preparation. Educational apps make sure that even in a year as unpredictable as 2021, your preparation does not have to bear the brunt of the pandemic.

4. A good number of options to choose from

No one would have thought that people would be comfortable purchasing clothes without trying them on. ‘Variety’ makes online shopping so magnetic and the same holds true for online coaching. You could be living in a town where no one has ever heard of the CAT and yet you get the opportunity to choose from an impressive number of options by just clicking on a few links. 

5. Cost-Effective

There are students who aspire to have a name in the world of entrepreneurship and also have what it takes to be a part of an IIM. However, the unreasonably high enrolment fee charged by renowned CAT coaching institutes, convinces them that they don’t stand a chance. Online coaching opens doors to top-quality content, test series, question banks, videos, and lots more at an affordable price. 

6. Convenience

Online coaching enables you to turn your balcony into a classroom and play the same video as many times as you need to. Therefore, convenience happens to be one of the best things about online CAT preparation. You don’t have to make your study plan according to your teachers’ schedule; you can in fact, learn the topics of your choice at the time when you feel the most productive. When preparing for the CAT becomes comfortable, stress begins to look for the exit door and you begin enjoying the process.

7. Engagement:

Before online education came into existence, every time people used fun and education in the same sentence, it was considered a joke. The scenario is not the same anymore because online education is not boring and monotonous. Education apps like PrepLadder impart knowledge through engaging videos and make learning enjoyable. Preparing for the CAT does not have to be burdensome or stressful and we would not have learnt this if it were not for online coaching.

8. Mock Tests:

Tests constitute an essential part of the CAT preparation. However, all the efforts you put into appearing for mock tests will go in vain if their pattern does not do justice to the actual exam. The world of online CAT coaching is very competitive and therefore, you will come across a good number of mock test series that prove very beneficial in your journey of getting closer to your goals.

9. Better performance analysis:

You may appear for hundreds of mock CAT tests but the process will remain incomplete for as long as you are not able to analyze your performance. Online coaching allows you to clearly understand your weaknesses. PrepLadder, for instance, allows you to monitor your performance and gives you the clarity you need to make progress.

Clearing the CAT leads you to the finest business schools in the country and you can clear it only when your preparation plan brings out the best in you. Online coaching opens the doors to the lessons you didn’t even know existed and this is exactly what you need to nail the exam.

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