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Life In An IIM | The Chapter That Starts After The CAT

Dec 20, 2021


While you are busy ensuring that your CAT exam preparation is perfect, you need sources of motivation that keep you going to remind you of the destination you are headed to. If you often get curious about life in an IIM or wonder if your experience will mimic your expectations when you finally get into an IIM, we have the information you seek.

PrepLadder is home to IIM alumni, and we got in touch with them to learn about their experiences.

What does it mean to be in an IIM?

Case Studies

As a part of an IIM, you understand business models that worked, the ideas that didn’t experience the success they aspired to, the graphs of triumph and failure, and a lot more!. You get an opportunity to learn about different aspects of business, management, and administration while you study business models of various brands.

Education Standard in an IIM- Better Than Your Imaginations!

Mentors with years of corporate experience and unequaled expertise are crucial components of the Indian Institutes of Management. Their prowess and business acumen bring out the best in students. Many people have the potential to explain complex concepts with simplicity, making those more coherent and understandable. However, only the best Business faculty can sow the seeds of path-breaking entrepreneurial ideas and nurture the existing ones.

When the educators understand the world of business inside and out, their students become capable of making a difference in this highly competitive world and even owning it!

Cultural Diversity

India’s cultural diversity makes it stand out on the world map. And when intellectuals from every corner of the country gather at one place to become their best versions, you witness the colors of cultural diversity at their best. There are multiple celebrations, and even the most straightforward conversations help you learn new things. 

All Things Business!

Students dressed up formally, flaunting their best business suits, ready to give important presentations, using their caliber in the best possible way- is a common sight in IIMs. If you aspire to engage in some very intellectual conversations and learn the lessons that will help you become an irreplaceable asset no matter where you work, the Indian Institute of Management is the place for you. 

Late Nights, Deadlines, & Fun

Meeting deadlines is not an option in an IIM because you can’t afford to miss them, no matter how challenging or impossible the task seems! So, in an IIM, students burn the midnight oil together, watch movies together, and make some enjoyable memories together. Passion, dedication, and curiosity are contagious here, and so is the spirit to make the most of every day!

IIM Placements

Getting into an IIM is your ticket to an exceptional career. Every student at the Indian Institute of Management gets lucrative job opportunities, and more than 80% of them get placed in renowned companies. Are you wondering about the remaining? Well, the good news is that the placement rate is 100%!

 IIMs magnetically attract brands with impressive reputations and records because every IIM is home to ingenious minds. The lessons you learn here make you capable of becoming the leader who leads by setting an example, a professional with problem-solving skills, and brilliance to add value wherever you go. And this is why there is no shortage of opportunities for anyone at an IIM!

Now that you know what life in an IIM looks like prepare with PrepLadder to get to experience what it feels like.

All the best!

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