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CAT Retake: Revamp Your Mind Before You Restart Your Preparation

Apr 08, 2022

Sometimes, the most crucial aspect of learning while restarting something is to unlearn/revamp/ adapt to a new perspective. The key to understanding what exactly you need to do lies under the carpet of the right guidance. And that's what we are here for; to make your CAT preparation journey easy by shedding light on the path that leads you to the business school of your dreams. If you are planning to appear for the CAT 2022 after having attempted the paper in the past, you must consider certain things before diving right into the preparation plan. 

CAT Retake: The Factors That Govern Your Preparation

Your percentile 

Your percentile in the last attempt speaks volumes about the level and quality of your preparation. You may have appeared for the exam just to analyze the pattern to gear up for putting your best foot forward this time. Or you could have prepared while adhering to what seemed like a flawlessly designed plan. In either case, your percentile is an indicator of how far you have come and how many miles are left for you to walk. So instead of treating it as a source of demotivation, it is about time you pin the score between your schedule and your goal.

The status of your preparation

Before you start preparing for the CAT 2022, you need to go back to where you left it the last time. It will seem convenient to adopt the strategies suggested by a senior or a friend and start afresh. However, you will eventually reach a point where your previous preparation status intersects with the newly implemented strategies. Remember, you started writing this chapter before your last CAT attempt. So before you turn over to a new page, go through the contents of the chapter you wrote before.

Identification of loopholes

Do you know even some of the most life-threatening diseases can be treated and lead to giving someone a brand new life if the diagnosis is made well in time? 

Identifying flaws in your previous strategy will make the last attempt worth all the effort. Sometimes you assume that you are headed in the right direction. However, only upon reaching the final destination do you realize that you had been using the wrong map throughout the journey. Some of the standard loopholes in the preparation strategy are:

  • Lack of consistency and dedication.
  • Not understanding the pattern and difficulty level of the exam.
  • Setting unrealistic targets.
  • Lack of conceptual clarity.
  • Relying on incomplete or misleading resources.
  • Infrequent mock-tests.
  • Lack of access to a good question bank.
  • Appearing for tests that are not relevant from the examination point of view.
  • Learning the meaning of random words instead of following a strategy (To get a list of essential words, click here).
  • Not cultivating the habit of reading.
  • Confining yourself with just one genre for reading.
  • Avoiding the section you find challenging.
  • Taking time management for granted.
  • Not developing the right approach to read and understand the passages.
  • Not setting the attitude of moving on while attempting the mock tests.

Your plan could have one of the mentioned issues, or it could be something not on the list. But it is essential to find it, accept it, and eventually eliminate it.

The blend of hard work and smart work for CAT

You have been taught that hard work is the key to success. While we don't deny that, one must understand that smart work is not an option or a complementary addition; it is mandatory in your CAT preparation. It's possible that your peers who you believe to be less knowledgeable, well-read, and skilled than you may end up getting a better score than you. As a part of adopting the smart-work techniques, you must learn about specific tips and tricks that work like a charm and employ strategies suggested by the experts who know the world of CAT inside and out.

Analysis of strengths and weaknesses

This is one of the most significant aspects of restarting your preparation. Awareness of your strong points and your weak areas helps you design an effective roadmap. Moreover, it enables you to save time by focusing on your weaknesses while ensuring that your strengths become your best companions during the exam. Accepting the weaker areas helps you work on them by maximizing your potential and resetting your targets. 

Quality CAT study resources

Practicing and even practicing like there is no tomorrow won't guarantee success unless you do it the right way by studying from relevant resources. 

Make this your final CAT attempt by learning from experienced mentors, getting access to well-planned and well-executed lectures, reading concise notes, selecting the right question bank, and mock tests for practice. 

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