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Complete VARC Syllabus For CAT Preparation | Additional Topics For XAT

Mar 20, 2022

CAT VARC Syllabus

An aspirant’s CAT preparation journey entails various crucial stages. However, it all begins with knowing what you need to learn to nail the exam. You need lists of complete information before you commence your journey, and this blog aims at helping you start VARC preparation right.

We know the Verbal Ability, and Reading Comprehension section of the exam overwhelms, intimidates, and terrifies many aspirants. But you can acquire the required skills gradually and become an expert, one lesson at a time. You could be living in a small town, or you could be lacking the communication skills which can effortlessly make you stand out from the crowd. Regardless of how much you know and how daunting this section seems, you can make VARC your strength if you have proper guidance. And we want to enlighten your path with the mentorship you seek!

Mr. Vikrant Kathuria, an essential part of our CAT Dream Team, has 21 years of experience in transforming lives through the impact of his teaching skills. With his result card beaming with 100 percentile (more than once!), when you learn from an expert like him, you know you are in the right hands!

To give your journey the beginning it deserves, Mr. Vikrant shares the complete VARC syllabus so that you don’t get lost in the way because of a lack of accurate information. 

Checking topics off your list one by one will give you the satisfaction of walking on the path that leads to success.

But before you take a look at the list, it is crucial to understand how Vikrant sir divides the VARC syllabus into different categories.

Verbal AbilityTechnique Based
RCSkill Based
GrammarKnowledge Based
VocabularyKnowledge Based
Verbal ReasoningFoundation

Learning becomes convenient when you know exactly how much you need to study and how you can prepare for it. Enhancing your Verbal Reasoning knowledge lays a solid foundation for your VARC preparation. As you reach an advanced level in this part, you can make strides in the VARC section.

For grammar and vocabulary, you need to make consistent efforts to ensure that you are enriching your knowledge well. Your English lectures and exams as a school-going student introduced you to reading comprehension. You know how this section tests your logical thinking, ability to choose the correct information, understanding of the author’s perspective, alertness, and ability to attempt the exercises within the allotted time. 

Employing the right strategies comes to your rescue while attempting Verbal Ability questions.

CAT VARC Syllabus

Verbal Reasoning

Deductive & Inductive Arguments
Logical Connectives / Consistency
Critical Reasoning
Fact-Inference-Judgment Questions


Enhancing your vocabulary is not an option; it is mandatory to do it during the CAT preparation.

While there are no chapters for this segment, we can definitely make things easier by giving you a list of important words. Yes, you read that right! We have a list that will become a reliable companion in your journey.

To learn more, click here.


Subject-Verb Agreement
Parallel Construction
Figures of Speech

How to nail the Reading Comprehension Questions in CAT?

Increasing Reading Speed
Enhancing Comprehension
Improving Retention 
Understanding Different Question Types
Eliminating Close Choices
Approaches Towards RC Passages
Passage Prioritization
Critical Reasoning

Verbal Ability

Para Jumbles
Para Summary
Para Completion
Paragraph Odd Sentence Out
Fill in the blanks
Verbal Analogy
Odd word out
Additional Topics For XAT
Poem Based Reading Comprehension
Decision Making

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