Stress Management during CAT preparation

Aug 13, 2021


'Stress' knows how to chase down a CAT aspirant and effortlessly attack their peace of mind. With a significant increase in the urge to have a lucrative career, clearing the CAT has become more challenging than ever before. It consequently paves the way for anxiety and inevitable restlessness. This further has a momentous impact on your level of concentration, efficacy of your study plan, and the overall performance. However, you cannot afford to let this stress sabotage your CAT preparation.

It is easy to accept defeat at the hands of the games played by your mind, but training it to use this restlessness to bring out the best in you, is an arduous process. Now, if you choose to look at the rewards that await you at the end of the journey, fighting this stress won't feel like an impossible task. The perks of effective stress management during CAT preparation include improved focus, enhanced confidence, and a positive mindset. 

So, let's fight the restlessness to ensure a life-altering performance! 

Simple yet effective ways of stress management:

1. Prepare to excel

he day you sit down to finalize your study-plan and put it up on your cupboard, should be the day that marks the beginning of the chapter of excellence. Your CAT preparation plan must aim at completion of the syllabus, understanding of the concepts, analysis of the strengths, timely discovery of the weaknesses, strengthening of what comes to you naturally, and polishing of what does not. Practice leads you to perfection and when it comes to preparing for the CAT, it is the only way to climb the ladder of victory. When your plan promises great outcomes and you stick to it no matter what, 'stress' feels intimidated by your perseverance. 

Ensure that your plan is not just an interesting thing to look at, it in fact becomes the lifestyle that inspires CAT aspirants. For as long as you can make that happen, you will be able to fight and defeat all the stress with valor, because nothing is as satisfying as knowing that you are headed in the right direction. 

2. Keep yourself charged with positive energy and motivation

 At all levels of your preparation, it is important to stay optimistic and motivated. You have to understand the need of finding your go-to source of motivation, and then rely upon it to stay encouraged and focused. It could be watching motivational videos or listening to the songs that help you stay on the right track or talking to someone who understands your journey and its place in your life or looking at the list of your aspirations or reminding yourself why you started in the first place. Motivation does not always come from external sources and, it is not always easily found within. While preparing for the CAT, you have to consistently work towards finding yourself the motivation to keep marching forward, regardless of what comes in your way. A motivated mind is not afraid to weaken the stress and then beat it fiercely. 

3. Step out to work out

No matter how many times you redecorate your study room, it should never become a replacement to a park. Walk, run, ride your bicycle and do whatever you need to keep anxiety miles away. When you step out every day, anxiety is afraid to step into your study room. 

4. Seek the support of your tech-buddies

If you can trust technology to take you to the place you have never been to before, you should not be reluctant to seek its support in taking your preparation to the new level of brilliance. Apps like PrepLadder, not only provide you with the required study material and test your abilities through mock tests, but also keep you updated. PrepLadder's content and coaching combine to form a package deal which is too good to be missed. When your source of information is this good, you are filled with the satisfaction of being headed in the right direction. This plays a pivotal role in keeping your stress at bay, because it is easy to feel stressed when you are vulnerable or uncertain. So, let online CAT coaching come to your rescue and make you feel confident enough to fight restlessness. 

5. Meditation and Yoga

It is important to understand that the CAT is a part of your life, and it may have the potential to shape your career, there is more to life than clearing the exam. While preparing for this exam, it can be hard to find a balance between working hard and not forgetting what life indeed is. Meditation and yoga can help you achieve the balance you seek,  the best possible way. Moreover, you can also increase your concentration level through yoga. An undisturbed mind has the strength to achieve the impossible, and meditation helps you know composure at its best. 

6. Maintain a goal planner

When your aspirations take the form of short-term and long-term goals, their distance from reality is significantly reduced. Maintaining a goal planner is a winner's habit. There is no feeling as good as being able to check things off your list and move a step closer to your ambitions, every single day. The goal planner is not a fancy accessory, it is a must-have! And when you achieve your goals on a regular basis, fighting stress becomes a cake walk. 

7. Find your source of relaxation

Gardening gives immense pleasure to some people, some find sketching relaxing, and some take the solace of writing. You need to find out what soothes you, calms you down, and refreshes you from within. Once you know what it is, take out some time for it every day. Engaging in the activities you like is one of the best ways to manage stress. Moreover, it helps you stay productive. So wear your dancing shoes or play your favorite game or read the books by your favorite novelists- do whatever charges you up and helps you stay connected with your inner self.

8. Believe in yourself

It's true that this is easier said than done. But your list of self-affirmations, the reminders of self-belief you give to yourself, and your faith in your potential, will help you conquer the most difficult mountains of success. Stress comes from your inability to control things. When you tell yourself that you have got this, stress will begin looking for the exit door. 

Also, others' opinions and unsolicited suggestions on how you should do things, can lead to anxiety. However, the moment you start believing in yourself, it doesn't matter what the world has to say. That's because you are too busy working on yourself and believing in yourself. 

Stress could be mighty, but your will-power to crush it and emerge out victorious is and will always be stronger. And don't ever let the 'stress' tell you otherwise! 

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