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The best way to prepare for CAT

Jul 23, 2021

The best way to nail the CAT preparation

The only way to convert your goal into a reality is to initiate the journey that ensures the same and then, does whatever it takes to make it a rewarding one. If an IIM happens to be on the list of your big goals, then the journey is all about acing the CAT preparation. The Common Admission Test (CAT) is one of the hardest Indian entrance exams. Since cracking it leads you to one of the best business schools, the challenges it brings along are justified.

The ones who dare to dream big and are determined to live those dreams are also the ones who leave no stone unturned to give their best. The list of the CAT aspirants from different parts of the country includes many such names and that speaks volumes about how stiff the competition is. So it is only natural to wonder how you can prepare for the CAT in a way that your preparation is flawless and ensures that you stand out. 

While you are on your way to make it large, you would be reminded that there is no one secret formula of success, that different things work for different people. However, there are some factors that positively contribute to your growth and you must be aware of those before you start with the CAT preparation.

 It is true that you can appear for the exam many times but if your study plan is good enough and takes into consideration all the aspects, you will not have to appear for it multiple times. After all, if you can reach the destination on the first attempt, why do it many times?

Here is how you can prepare for the CAT the best possible way and move closer to your big dream:

1. Coaching

You could have all the potential one needs to crack the CAT but if your CAT preparation plan does not include the wisdom of an expert, you will definitely miss out on important things. If your schedule or circumstances don’t allow you to take classes from an institute, let technology come to your rescue. There are some trustworthy education apps like PrepLadder which enable you to learn every lesson from the experts. 

No matter how hard you try, you learn certain things only after having gained some experience. For exams as difficult as the CAT, you can’t afford to make too many mistakes and then learn from those mistakes. 

The guidance of an experienced educator helps you to learn things without falling in the way because the light shed by their knowledge of the CAT, helps you see the obstacles better. This is the reason why learning from a qualified source is essential. And if you can do it while being at home and managing other things, why let anything stop you?

2. Study Plan

There cannot be anyone's study plan that is guaranteed to work for every CAT aspirant because each has its own journey. A CAT aspirant could be a 45 years old woman wanting to start afresh or a 21 years old college student. However, the study plan should be such that it ensures the completion of the syllabi of all the three sections- Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning, and (DI & LR) and Quantitative Ability (QA). 

Your CAT preparation plan should be such that it includes understanding things, solving problems regularly, and getting the doubts cleared well in time. An effective plan will help you analyze your weaknesses early in the journey, thereby benefiting you in the long run. Keep introducing changes to the schedule as required and plan your short-term goals pragmatically. 

3. Online Study Material

At some point in your journey, you will realize how significantly the online study material obtained from an app like PrepLadder, can impact your CAT preparation. If you don’t start doing it right from the beginning, you may regret having learned the lesson the hard way. So why not focus on giving your absolute best right from the first day? 

There are teams that work round the clock, burn the midnight oil, and do whatever it takes to ensure that the finest of the study material reaches you and you don’t have to move an inch for it. With technology doing wonders and making knowledge as easily accessible as entertainment, why not use it to shape your career?

4. Updated Information

Along with defining your goals and making a plan to achieve those, it is also important to keep yourself updated with every little thing about the exam. The exam pattern is not uniform and tends to come with a new surprise every year. But experts, on the basis of their analysis and expertise, help you understand what you are supposed to expect. Therefore, keep yourself updated about every development.

5. Mock Tests

The CAT requires you to take multiple tests to become proficient. However, opting for a difficult test series or one that is too easy, will impede your performance by taking you to the wrong track. An ideal mock CAT test series resembles the actual exam. Mock test series by PrepLadder tick almost all the boxes to qualify as an ideal option. You could be working extremely hard, but it will all go in vain if you are headed in the right direction.

6. Mental Health

Despite the recent efforts to bring about awareness, people still may not give mental health the kind of importance it deserves. However, sound mental health is essential to ensure that your preparation plan benefits you the best possible way and you are able to reach the destination well in time. Take breaks, take out some time for the things you like doing, exercise regularly, and eat healthily. When you are at your best physically and mentally, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

If your CAT preparation plan includes every important factor and you stick to it, you will find success waiting for you at the end of your journey. The way that challenges you well, is the best way to nail the CAT.

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Ridhima is a Content Writer at PrepLadder. She aims at making a significant difference in the academic journeys of Medical PG, NEET SS, and CAT aspirants through her content.


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