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The Ideal CAT Mock Test Series

Oct 29, 2021

Ideal CAT Mock Test Series BY PrepLaddders

The CAT tests a candidate’s proficiency in calculation, vocabulary, verbal and reasoning abilities, and most importantly, one’s ability to apply the learned concepts in the allotted time. So you must acquire all the required skills and knowledge and work on them through constant practice. To achieve the same, your CAT exam preparation plan must include a good number of CAT mock tests. But how do you decide if your chosen mock test series is indeed beneficial or not? You can’t invest your faith blindly in just any set of mock tests because you aspire to learn at one of the best business schools. And only the most trustworthy sources of practice lead to the most desired destinations!

Test Your CAT Mock Test Series Before You Let It Test You!

An ideal mock test series checks everything off your list to avoid apprehension while aiming high.

Developed by the experts

Masterpieces are products of a craftsman’s expertise, finesse, and attention to detail. Similarly, the most reliable CAT mock tests are outcomes of extensive experience of the most erudite minds. For instance, PrepLadder’s mock tests and question bank have been curated by the team that knows the world of the CAT like none else. They considered all the factors that determine an aspirant’s success while preparing the best mock test series ever.

Number of tests

A good CAT mock test series has enough tests to challenge you the right way, giving you plenty of opportunities to identify your weaknesses and work on those with a clear mindset.

The exam pattern

For a test series to qualify as an ideal CAT mock test series, every mock of that series must adhere to the actual test pattern. It ensures that you don’t feel overwhelmed or unpleasantly surprised while appearing for the exam. 

Level of difficulty

As the exam date is nearing, attempting unnecessarily challenging questions will only lead to stress. Anxiety at any preparation stage can shift your focus and throw you off-track, with the impact being more severe during the final phase. Also, giving a mock test that feels like a breeze won’t benefit you in the long run. As you walk closer towards the exam day, the level of difficulty of the exam should neither be too easy nor stress-inducing. It, in fact, must mirror the actual CAT difficulty level. 

Including every topic and type of question

The perfect mock test series is devoid of biases as it entails every important topic of all three sections of the CAT. Some questions are tricky, demanding more time than the rest. Some are framed in a way that they seem to need strenuous effort but are not that difficult. The mock tests that deserve your trust include every type of question, challenging you in every way required for the exam.

Post-submission analytics

What follows a mock test is of paramount importance because the whole idea of taking mock tests finds its roots in constant progress. However, not every mock test series or educational platform allows you to understand your performance analysis clearly.

For example, PrepLadder lets you find your way to the top through its incredibly beneficial performance cards bearing the following details:

  • Your rank
  • Marks
  • Percentile
  • Total time taken
  • Number of correct answers
  • Number of incorrect answers
  • Number of unattempted questions
  • Number of guesses 
  • The scores of everyone who took the test
  • Your comparison with the topper
  • Your subject-wise rank
  • Accuracy
  • Performance graph

PrepLadder ticks all these boxes and, in fact, offers a lot more to ensure maximum efficiency. Our tests have been designed to bring out the best in you while you are on an arduous journey to make your dreams come true. They serve as the perfect judges of the accuracy of your preparation and lead you in the right direction. Every mock test helps you step things up by a notch, and your weak areas gradually turn into your strengths.

Do you know what acts as the cherry on the cake? While analyzing your test results, you can easily understand the concepts related to the questions you attempted wrong by clicking on the linked videos. We have linked the videos related to the questions so that the explanation you seek is just a click away. 

Now that you have found the test series that would lead you to perfection, it’s about time you kick start the adventure of taking these tests and get better with each one.

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