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    Yes, PrepLadder notes will cover all 19 subjects and will be based on the video content of Version 4.
    No, the option to buy notes without The ELITE Plan or for any particular subject is not available. A set of complete 19-subject notes along with The ELITE Plan will be the only option.
    As usual, updated notes will be available for you as a soft copy in the app. For a hard copy of the updated 2022 notes, you will have to buy the notes again.
    No. Your account will be instantly blocked if you try to take screenshots of the notes in the app.
    Printed Notes are available for only the premium users who buy the plan subscription.
    We provide handwritten colored notes for all the 19 subjects
    Dispatch might be delayed by 7-10 days on certain pin codes that are not serviced by our primary courier partner. If your pin code falls on that list, you will get a message explaining that after you submit your address.
    Please understand that the dates you choose are only your dispatch dates. You will get a tracking ID within that time. Expect the delivery within 7-10 days from dispatch.
    No, notes will be shipped only within India.
    If you are a NEET PG ELITE Plan subscriber, you will get the NEET PG Notes. If you are an FMGE ELITE Plan subscriber, you will get the FMGE Notes. Once you order your notes, they cannot be canceled or refunded under any circumstances.

    To help you keep on track, you'll have a daily learning goal. Maintain your streak by completing at least one of the following criteria: 

    - Watch at least 2 hours of videos and attempt 60 MCQs

    - Watch at least  5 hours of videos

    - Practise at least 100 MCQs

    - Attempt a full-length Mock/Past Year exam

    The higher your streak is, the closer you get to fulfilling your dreams.

    You can earn a trophy on completing at least 90% QBanks of all the 19 subjects. Earn 19 Trophies to become a master of all the subjects.

    For attempting every QBank and completing milestones, you will earn a star. 

    -Earn a Blue star on completing 10% of overall QBanks

    -Earn a Purple star on completing 20% of overall QBanks

    -Earn a Pink star on completing 35% of overall QBanks

    -Earn a Yellow star on completing 50% of overall QBanks

    -Earn a Red star on completing 70% of overall QBanks

    -Earn a Green star on completing 90% of overall QBanks.

    You can view your Daily Streak, Earned Trophies, and Stars by clicking on the Profile icon in the Hamburger menu. Additionally, your current streak and recently earned Star is displayed on the Prepare screen. You can tap on the Profile icon to view all your earned rewards.
    You can click on the “Drop Down arrow” to view your daily progress. Choose any date from the calendar to keep track of Total Modules completed, MCQs attempted, Hours of watched Videos, and Tests attempted. Once the streak is completed for the day, it is marked “Green”. You can also view your uncompleted streak which is marked “Red”. We suggest you maintain your daily steak to fulfill your dreams.
    Note: The calendar displays results according to the Indian Standard Time (IST)
    Yes, you can share your earned Trophies and Stars. For this, you need to click on any reward you wish to share. A popup will display detailed information about your Trophy/Star along with the “SHARE WITH FRIENDS” button. Tap on this button, to share them on your social media profiles.
    Yes. You can save your earned Trophies and Stars. Clicking on the reward, you wish to share, a popup will display detailed information about your Trophy/Star along with a “Save” button on top. To automatically save your reward, click on the “Save” button.
    You can reset your content and progress only once in 6 months. If you perform a reset, all your earned rewards data will also be reset and you will have to start all over again. Thus, we request you to be please be careful as this action cannot be reversed.
    Note: Reset activity may take up to 2 hours to complete. Hence, meantime your earned rewards might take time to reflect.
    We are recording videos again to incorporate all the updates and make the lectures even more high yielding. However, the flow of lectures will remain the same, so if you are already studying from PrepLadder, your preparation will not be interrupted.
    The content for ELITE Plan will go live in March 2023 after the NEET PG exam
    Yes, the premium users whose subscription is active/valid even after the launch of ELITE Plan (after NEET PG Exam) will get access to updated Videos & QBank.
    The pack includes updated and re-recorded video lectures. The new approach to clinically oriented videos and intellectual lectures has been fully adopted in the ELITE Plan. So, you need not worry, it will prove to be the best preparation for NEXT.
    No, you cannot retake the Qbank. You can only review the answers and practice the incorrect/bookmarked questions again if you had bookmarked any while attempting them.
    Yes, the questions of Qbank and Mock Tests are distinct and prepared by our in house reverent content team. We provide the content from one of the best sources and guarantee authenticity.
    No, you cannot get the PDF of the question bank. Qbank can only be accessed in the App by clicking on ?Prepare Tab? -> Choose any subject -> Click on the QBank module.
    It?s simple. You can bookmark the MCQ while appearing for the Qbank for later revision on the Qbank screen by clicking on ?Bookmark Option?. Bookmarks can be accessible on the Homescreen or by clicking on the ?Bookmark? Quick Link.
    Yes, you can edit already bookmarked Videos, Tests, Qbank, and Treasures by clicking on the ?EDIT? option. Then, select the Bookmarks to delete ->Click on Delete. Similarly, you can add/remove the bookmarks as per your choice.
    In case of an error, there is an option to ?Report Error? on the Qbank screen which is shown after submitting the response to the question successfully. You can select the type of error and also, submit your query here. Our content team will look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.
    Yes, you can reset your Qbank and start again. Go the Sidebar ->Click on Settings ->Click on Reset -> Click on Reset Selected. NOTE: But you can reset your content once every six months only. Also, by doing this you will reset your Video, Qbank, Tests, Exam Discussion, and Bookmarks which have been already completed/attempted. Thus, we advise you to be careful while performing reset since it won't be possible to revoke the changes once the reset has been completed.
    Custom Module is a customized Qbank that can be personalized by choosing the number of questions, category of questions based on the difficulty level, adding tags, and selecting the mode for all the subjects. Once created, you can start the module and similarly create more modules for your practice.
    You can create 15 custom Modules per day and 300 Modules in a month.
    Exam Discussion lets you schedule exams for all the 19 subjects by selecting the order of subjects, the first date of the exam, and days of interval. The date sheet of the exams is displayed on the module so that you can take the exams on the scheduled dates. Also, we send you an email notification of the scheduled date sheet for all the subjects as per your selected order. Exam Discussion package allows you to undergo actual Test series and thoroughly prepares you for the exam.
    You should provide us with your valuable feedback. On the video player screen, you can click on ?Leave Feedback? and rate the Video. Along with the rating, you can submit your feedback. Our team will look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.
    We have recorded videos in ?Hinglish? for the ease of students where the session is recorded in a combination of both Hindi and English Language.
    Videos for all the subjects have been provided in Hinglish except "Forensic Medicine (FMT), Emergency Medicine, Rapid Revision and Snapshot Videos" NOTE: The above-mentioned subjects will always be in English even if you select Hinglish as the preferred language.
    There is no ideal time to take the PrepTest. We request you to not wait for the right moment. All PrepTest need to be taken irrespective of your stage or level of preparation during the allotted time window.
    No, you cannot retake the test. You will have to renew your subscription in order to appear for the tests again.
    On the Performance Card. Answers for the tests are shown on the performance card, once your test has been submitted successfully. The performance card consists of two sections: Analysis and Solution. Click on the ?Solutions Tab? to view the answers for correct, incorrect and unattempted questions.
    Yes, you can take the tests after the results are announced but in that case, you will receive the Predicted Rank but not the real-time rank.
    Predicted Rank is the rank that you will get when you attempt the test after the exam window closes i.e when you take the test after the results are published, you will get the predicted rank instead of the real-time rank.
    Yes, you will get to know your rank out of the total rank, when the results are published. This total rank indicates the total number of students who have taken the test when it was live.

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