Custom Module Is Now Here!

Sep 18, 2021

Custom Module Is Now Here

Yes, you read it right. The much-awaited Custom Module is finally here to level up your GATE exam preparation. Now, customize your practice as per your convenience and get an edge on your exam preparation. Excited?

So are we! We at PrepLadder are always looking for ways to streamline your GATE preparation and make it interesting and convenient for you. Our latest learning update of Custom Module is a reflection of the same.

Custom Module is a customised Qbank that can be personalised by choosing the number of questions, category of questions based on the difficulty level, adding tags, and selecting the mode for all the subjects. Once created, you can start the module and similarly create more modules for your practice.  

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How Will Custom Module make a Difference in your Preparation Journey?

Custom module will indeed transform your preparation journey from Beginner Level to Advanced Level. It will allow you to make all the necessary customizations you always wanted to move ahead in your preparation journey.

Let’s understand how?  

For instance, you have prepared for Electric Field Intensity and want to give a reality check to your preparation by solving questions related to the topic. You can simply create a customized QBank, and solve MCQs accordingly. Below mentioned are a few pointers as to why we are emphasizing “CUSTOMIZATION”:

# You will be able to select the number of questions on the topic, Electric Field Intensity.

# Based on your preparation level, you can choose the difficulty level of questions. Easy/Medium/Hard. Remember, we talked about convenience? This is what you can do. 

# Now, when you have chosen the number of questions and their difficulty level, you will further have the option to select the type of questions and exam tags.

For example, you can choose #MCQs, #MSQs, and #NAT in the Question Tags. Similarly, you can select #Conceptual, #Experimental, #Theoretical, #Image Based, #PSU’s, #Numerical, #Assumption Based, #Integrated, #One liner, #Cycle based, and various other Exam Tags.

# Once you have done all the required customizations per your learning needs, you can attempt the QBank.

# You can also reattempt previously incorrect or bookmarked questions.

# What’s more? You can even name your Custom Module for a personalized practice session. For exam CS & IT (GATE), EE (GATE), and so on.

So, Custom Module is the perfect tool designed to give you a seamless learning experience and an edge to your preparation. Make yours now and start practicing!

Upgrade your GATE Exam preparation with PrepLadder and enjoy quality learning like never before. It has everything you need to ace the GATE on one single platform.

This includes concise, effective, and well-planned video lectures by our Dream Team for GATE, a well-structured and high yield QBank, highly competitive PrepTests based on real exam patterns, Custom Module, and Previous Year Papers in the form of tests.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your GATE Exam preparation with PrepLadder and enjoy quality learning like never before.  

All the best for your exams. Stay tuned to our Telegram Channel for more updates. 

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