Get the most out of PrepLadder GATE application

Oct 26, 2021

Get the most out of PrepLadder GATE application

When it comes to your GATE exam preparation, don’t take risks; instead, take decisions that would take your preparation to another level. Seek guidance from the best-in-class educators who have years of teaching experience and a history of producing top-rankers. Have access to high-yield and well-structured study material that can do wonders for your preparation journey.

There is no denying that the GATE aspirants have to dive into the vast sea of complex syllabus and absorb large chunks of technical information to ace the GATE examination.

Quite often, even the brightest minds tend to commit mistakes due to the lack of proper guidance and support, a crucial factor in deciding the fate of the GATE exam results.

However, you need not worry. PrepLadder is here to your rescue!

It is the most sought-after learning resource for GATE aspirants and has everything you need to ace the GATE on one single platform.

Out of the many valuable features available on the PrepLadder app, the below-listed features will make your GATE preparation more productive and get you the desired score.

Wondering how? Navigate further in the article to know more.

Features that Add Value To Your CSE Preparation


To make your exam preparation more enriching, we have the DREAM TEAM for GATE, which includes India’s BEST and BIGGEST names in the field of GATE education.

We have the below-listed renowned educators on board having unmatched expertise in their respective fields:

GATE Educators for Mechanical Engineering

  • Shivam Dixit- Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
  • Saurabh Mangal- Strength of Material
  • Vijay Padalkar- Machine Design, Mechanics
  • Pawan Yadav- Theory of Machines
  • Anand Kumar- Heat & Mass Transfer
  • Uma Maheshwara Rao- Mathematics (For All Branches)

GATE Educators for Electrical Engineering

  • Qaisar Hafiz- Electric Machines, Network Theory, Power System, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Material Science.
  • Sayi Baba Kanamarlapudi- Power Electronics, Electrical and Electronic Measurements
  • Trinadh Reddy- Signals & Systems, EDC & Analog Electronics, Control Systems
  • Rajarao VM- Digital Electronics, Microprocessors, Computer Fundamentals 
  • Dr. R Murali Prasad- Analog and Digital Communication

GATE Educators for Computer Science & Information Technology

  • Mallesham Devasane- Discrete Mathematics, C and DS, Theory of Computation, Compiler Design
  • Rajarao VM- Digital Logic Design, Computer Organization and Architecture 
  • Khaleel ur Rehman- Operating Systems, Algorithms
  • Ankit Doyla- Computer Networks 

GATE Educators for Civil Engineering

  • Badal Soni- Soil Mechanics, Steel Structures, Open Channel Flow, Building Materials & Railway Engineering
  • Kailas Sarla- Engineering Hydrology & Irrigation Engineering
  • Vijay Padalkar- Engineering Mathematics
  • Shiva Reddy- Highway Engineering, Airport Engineering, Surveying & Construction Management

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GATE Educators for Electronics & Communication Engineering

  • Qaisar Hafiz- Network Theory, Electromagnetics, Basic Electrical Engineering, Material Science.
  • Rajarao VM- Digital Electronics, Microprocessors, Computer Organization & Architecture, Advanced Electronics.
  • Trinadh Reddy- Electronic Devices, Analog Electronics and Circuits, Control Systems, Signals & System. 
  • Sayi Baba Kanamarlapudi- Measurement & Instrumentation
  • Dr. R Murali Prasad- Communications & Advanced Communications

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Their years of teaching experience have set a benchmark in GATE education, and their availability on a single platform is a dream come true for every GATE aspirant. 

The video lectures of these educators are engaging and conceptual, which will build lasting knowledge that can be revised easily. The interesting part about the Dream Team is that you can carry it wherever you go and get anytime & anywhere access to the well-researched study material. 


We promise you won’t fall short of questions during the GATE preparation to test your knowledge, as we have PrepLadder GATE QBank-The Gold Standard for GATE. It is designed to give an edge to your GATE preparation with some amazing features like the ones listed below:

1. Quality Questions

Questions made and curated by our in-house experienced content team comprising GATE toppers to test your in-depth concepts. You will not find such a collection of quality questions in any other question bank, we guarantee! 

2. Suitable for Every Learner

The PrepLadder GATE QBank is suitable for every GATE aspirant, be it a beginner or an advanced learner. QBank comprises factual and conceptual questions matching actual GATE level entrance. 

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3. Unlimited practice

PrepLadder high yield QBank is available throughout the year, anytime and anywhere! For a good rank, practice, practice and practice. You will understand concepts that you can never learn from theory. 

4. Topic Wise Questions

Questions are categorised topic-wise so that you do not miss any concepts and you can specifically solve questions of a particular topic whenever you want. Emphasis is given on each topic, thus you can easily work on your every weakness for a good rank!

5. Different Levels Of Questions

You will find easy, moderate and difficult level questions are available for the beginners and advanced learners to slowly build their pace, knowledge and problem-solving skills in a defined frame of time. The questions are designed in such a way that they are suited for students preparing for the first time as well as the ones who have prepared before. 

You can find well-structured and properly solved numericals. All question types are covered, for instance, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Multiple Select Questions (MSQs), and Numerical Answer Type Questions (NATs).



We at PrepLadder are always looking for ways to streamline your GATE preparation and make it interesting and convenient for you. The inclusion of the Custom Module is a reflection of the same.

Custom Module is a customised Qbank that can be personalised by choosing the number of questions, category of questions based on the difficulty level, adding tags, and selecting the mode for all the subjects. Once created, you can start the module and similarly create more modules for your practice.  

For instance, you have prepared for Electric Field Intensity and want to give a reality check to your preparation by solving questions related to the topic. You can simply create a customized QBank, and solve MCQs accordingly. Below mentioned are a few pointers as to why we are emphasizing “CUSTOMIZATION”:

# You will be able to select the number of questions on the topic, Electric Field Intensity.

# Based on your preparation level, you can choose the difficulty level of questions. Easy/Medium/Hard. Remember, we talked about convenience? This is what you can do. 

# Now, when you have chosen the number of questions and their difficulty level, you will further have the option to select the type of questions and exam tags.

For example, you can choose #MCQs, #MSQs, and #NAT in the Question Tags. Similarly, you can select #Conceptual, #Experimental, #Theoretical, #Image Based, #PSU’s, #Numerical, #Assumption Based, #Integrated, #One liner, #Cycle based, and various other Exam Tags.

# Once you have done all the required customizations per your learning needs, you can attempt the QBank.

# You can also reattempt previously incorrect or bookmarked questions.

# What’s more? You can even name your Custom Module for a personalized practice session. For exam CS & IT (GATE), EE (GATE), and so on. 



Get the real feel of the examination with PrepTest!

Yes, you read it right. Our PrepTests are designed to provide you with the exam hall ambience in the form of a trial run. Gauge your preparation level and get a reality check of your preparation status with PrepTests, a tool used by many GATE aspirants.

It promotes effective preparation for the exam and helps you improve your speed and accuracy.

Our PrepTest is the most competitive Mock Exam ever, with questions and patterns predictive of real exams. It is not just a practice tool but a preparation resource.

So, why delay taking leverage of such fantastic features when you can simply download the PrepLadder app and give a boost to your GATE preparation?

Take the first step towards quality learning. Enroll now

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All the best!

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