How Preparation Journey Is Unique To Each Aspirant

Sep 09, 2021


The long journey to bag a dream seat in one of the premier institutes (IITs/NITs/IIITs, and other institutes/universities) of India for admissions to Master in Engineering (ME), Masters in Technology (M.Tech), and direct Ph.D is often challenging. Aspirants have to crack GATE, one of the most reputed competitive examinations in India. 

Passing the GATE exam becomes rewarding since various Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) such as ONGC, NTPC, GAIL, HPCL, PGCIL, BHEL, BSNL, HPCL, NHPC, BARC, DRDO, etc., use the GATE results for their recruitment. 

Every GATE aspirant dreams of working in one of the PSUs as it offers lucrative job opportunities with significant career growth. Hence, students devise various strategies and plan to conquer the GATE battle and chalk out their preparation journey accordingly. 

However, the preparation journey is unique to each aspirant, just like having different fingerprints. Let’s understand how?

The Uniqueness of Everyone’s Preparation Journey

It is a well-known fact that the GATE syllabus is vast, technical, and complex. It has 29 papers or subjects along with General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics. To cover the syllabus effectively, every student crafts their preparation plan. 

The GATE exam preparation of every individual is different from others based on:

  • Study Plan
  • Availability of Time
  • Current Occupation (Working Professional/Student)
  • Availability of Study Material 
  • Grasping Power

Apart from the factors stated above, other aspects make the preparation journey unique for each aspirant. For instance, some students are most productive when they study in the morning, while others are the night owls—some learn by making handwritten notes, while some prefer digital notes. Most students prefer online coaching for the GATE preparation, and only a handful take GATE without coaching. 

So, there are many variations in the study plans. Keeping in mind how students approach the GATE Preparation and solve questions, PrepLadder is bringing you Custom Module. This fantastic feature is designed to customize the way you practice for your exam. 

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How will Custom Module Level Up your GATE Preparation?

As always, we want you to have a seamless learning experience and give you an edge to your GATE preparation. Custom Module does precisely the same!

But first, let’s quickly understand what Custom Module is and how it will be beneficial in the GATE preparation!

Custom Module is a customized Qbank that can be personalized by choosing the number of questions, category of questions based on the difficulty level, adding tags, and selecting the mode for all the subjects. Once created, you can start the module and similarly create more modules for your practice. 

To put it in simpler words, you will have the liberty to Practice and Prepare as per your preparation journey and do all sorts of customization to make the most of the GATE QBank.  

Many students post queries asking what material should be practiced to gain mastery over a particular subject area but fail to find all the relevant material collectively in a single book. Custom Module will be the one-stop solution for such issues faced by students since students can filter the practice questions for a specific exam, specific subject, specific chapter, specific topic, the level of the question, and many more categories like most frequently asked etc.

For example, you can create a custom module for the topic Superposition theorem and choose your MCQs preference, Number of questions, difficulty level (Easy/Medium/Hard), MCQ category, and add tags for a convenient and customized practice. Custom Module will enable you to use different filters and tags to create custom QBanks and Tests.

So, get ready to level up your practice sessions with the Custom Module on the PrepLadder app.

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