How To Attempt GATE 2022 Exam To Score Maximum Marks

Jan 19, 2022

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Important Points for Attempting GATE 2022 Exam

How To Attempt GATE 2022 Exam To Score Maximum Marks

Important Points for Attempting GATE 2022 Exam

Since you have studied and prepared for the GATE exam to the best of your capability, how you execute the knowledge and attempt the exam is what actually matters. 

If you want to crack GATE with a ‘Good’ score, then we recommend you to follow the below-listed tips:

# Tip 1 On the night before the D-day, make sure you have a sound sleep of at least 7-8 hours. And, on the exam day, make sure to leave all the worries and expectations outside before you enter the exam hall. 

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# Tip 2 Follow a Staircase approach for writing the GATE exam. In this approach, you can attempt the exam in three different steps. The first step is to just qualify GATE, the second step is to score better in GATE, and the third step is to crack GATE with an exceptional score. 

# Tip 3 Start the GATE paper by solving questions you think you are confident in and capable of solving in less time. If you can identify such questions, solve them immediately without a second thought! This approach will give you the right start and momentum required to conquer the tough battle. 

# Tip 4. Till now, you have read the question paper properly and even attempted a few questions. Now is the right time to assess the level of the exam, as the assessment will tell you how many questions you need to answer. Keep in mind that if the question paper seems tough to you, don’t rush to attempt too many questions. Here, your focus should be on aiming for accuracy. 

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# Tip 5 If you find the question paper easy (which will be easy for others too) try to solve questions quickly. This will save you crucial time that you can devote to solving more questions. 

# Tip 6 Make sure to remain confident while writing the GATE exam, as with the passage of time, you will enter into the most important phase of your exam, which will include answering questions that need an extra amount of concentration and understanding. 

Be mindful of the question selection as the questions you choose to answer here will either make or break your chances. Pro Tip: Choose questions you are 70-80% sure about. 

# Tip 7 Time management plays an important role in any competitive exam, and the GATE exam is no exception. For 1 marks questions, you should devote a max of 3 minutes and on average one and a half minutes. For two marks question, you should give a max of 6 minutes and on an average 3-4 minutes. 

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# Tip 8 Don’t aim to solve 65 questions in a haphazard manner. Instead, the focus should be on solving at least 45 questions with 100 per cent accuracy. This will help you to perform better in the exam. 

# Tip 9 While solving the questions, keep your calculations neat and clean and proceed to solve them step by step so that during cross-checking it becomes easier for you to verify your solutions. 

# Tip 10 Avoid making blind guesses at all costs. There are students who like avoiding calculations and prefer making guesses. Since there’s a negative marking in the GATE exam, choosing an option without doing any calculation will ruin your chance of cracking GATE. 

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All the best for your exam.

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