How to effectively use a Qbank and prepare for the GATE

Aug 20, 2021

GATE exam

The question marks on the final day of the GATE will fail to stress you out if you have a complete question bank. Whether you interview an expert or conduct in-depth research on  ‘how to get a good score in the GATE?', the word practice will find its way to you every time. You do not need lectures on the importance of consistent efforts. However, you may need the reminder that hard work pays off only when it is made in the right direction. The relationship between practice and perfection was established long ago, but the one between smart work and success still needs understanding. This understanding keeps PrepLadder ahead in the world of eLearning and keeps its customers ahead of the competitors. 

Considering the crucial role played by a question bank, PrepLadder has designed and developed the dream question bank of every GATE aspirant. The intention is to smooth the way for the aspirants by taking them closer to the ranks of their aspirations. 

PrepLadder’s GATE Question Bank: One stop solution for all your needs

1. Custom Question Bank:

The best of both worlds: 

You have access to all the previous years’ questions you need along with the practice questions framed by top-notch educators. With the option to choose between practice questions and test papers, you can now plan your preparation strategy effectively. The practice questions aid you in subject-wise coverage of the questions. The test papers, on the other hand, give you a fair idea of how things would be on the actual day of the exam.

The difficulty level: 

If you have been wishing for a difficulty level filter to plan your preparation and smoothly progress towards the advanced level of questions, PrepLadder heard you and granted your wish! You can choose among Easy, Medium and Hard questions as per your plan.

The subjects of your choice: 

PrepLadder’s question bank allows you to select the questions based on your chosen subject or paper. This significantly saves the time you otherwise would have to spend on segregation and compilation.

Systematic analysis: 

Category-wise distribution of the multiple-choice questions into bookmarked, incorrect, attempted and, unattempted questions, definitely makes your life easier! Your analysis of these categories can turn out to be a great eye-opener in your preparation journey.

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2. Effective Utilization of the Question Bank:

Start well in time: 

If you plan on solving all the questions for every section, you must not wait for the perfect moment to initiate the journey of attempting the questions. You can choose to spend the initial phase of the preparation to understand the pattern, work on enhancing your knowledge, getting acquainted with the shortcut techniques, etc. However, once you are done with the basics, don’t wait for any motivation to come your way to start practising. It is an aptitude test, therefore practice is the only key that will unlock expertise. So, why not start early to finish well?

Formulate an effective plan: 

Every moment that goes into planning is the moment that promises long-term productivity. If the excitement makes you rush into attempting the questions without a plan, you won’t be able to make the most of PrepLadder’s question bank. At this point, you make important decisions like which subjects and topics you will begin with and how you will progress in the later stages of your preparation. Also, it includes the sequence of attempting practice questions and test papers.

Start with easy questions: 

Since you have the luxury to choose the questions based on the difficulty level, it is advisable to start with the easy ones, then move towards the medium ones and finally, expose yourself to the most challenging questions. This not only makes the hard questions seem easier but also boosts your confidence.

Do a category-wise analysis:

Analyze your performance and find out if there are noteworthy patterns in your bookmarked, attempted, incorrect, and unattempted questions. This analysis will help you understand your weaknesses and eventually eliminate them.

Set targets & achieve them: 

If you have access to 2000 questions and you want your mind to register each one of them, you must give yourself short-term and long-term targets to finish them all. Consistency can make miracles happen and turn the impossible into possible!

If you don’t take it seriously, then it is just a collection of questions and you can simply attempt them, thereby checking things off your list without a definite plan. But if you want your GATE result to set an example and shape your career, you must systematically utilize the custom question bank to prepare for excellence. 

At the end of the day, how much you do and the technique you choose to do it, make all the difference!

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