How to Handle the GATE 2022 Exam Pressure

Jan 05, 2022

How to Handle the GATE 2022 Exam Pressure

GATE is considered as one of the toughest competitive examinations in the country. Cracking the GATE exam opens the doors of opportunities, including admissions to premier engineering institutes such as IITs and IISCs, research opportunities (BARC, DRDO), and jobs in prominent Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) like ONGC, IOCL, GAIL, etc.

While preparing for the examination, quite often, the GATE aspirants (even the brightest ones) encounter stress and the fear of not getting the desired score. Whereas anxiety and exam pressure are inevitable, you can practice a few simple techniques to keep them at bay so that they don’t interfere with your preparation.

With the GATE 2022 exam around the corner, it’s time to believe in yourself and your preparation and completely shun off any negative thought. Because you are the creator of your destiny, and nothing should stop you from scoring well in the upcoming GATE exam.

We have listed some simple yet effective tips to boost your confidence and give you a new perspective on GATE exam preparation. But before discussing, let’s first understand how stress paves the way to aspirants’ preparation journey.

How Stress Finds its Way in GATE Preparation?

There are several reasons that contribute to exam stress, such as:

  • Fear of Failure.
  • The Burden of Expectations.
  • Comparing Preparation with others 
  • Lack of Reliable Training Partner.
  • Lack of Proper preparation.
  • Family and Peer Pressure.
  • Striving for Perfection

You should be mindful of them and practice positive self-talk all the time. Only then can you give the GATE exam efficiently and effectively.

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Tips to Handle Exam Pressure and Perform Better in GATE 2022

First of all, acknowledge that GATE is just an exam and not the end of opportunities or life. So, just chill. However, at the same time, be committed to giving 110% while writing the exam. Let's talk about the tips now.

Avoid Unnecessary Conclusions

After scoring less in a Test Series or a Mock Test, some aspirants end up doubting their capabilities and their Preparation, which is a harmful habit. They even start assuming that they will score the same in the final exam. The reason is, self-doubt shatters their confidence terribly.

This should be properly addressed. You should ponder over the mistakes and rectify them with a proper revision. Make sure to understand the particular topic properly so that you don’t make the same mistake in the final exam.

Be Mentally Tough

Just say to yourself that you have prepared to the best of your capability, and you will execute your preparation adequately in the final exam. Nothing should bother you, be it your friend’s Preparation or the burden of expectations.

There are four Cs that you must keep in mind: Challenge, Commitment, Control, and Confidence. Your overall mental toughness is a product of these.

Challenge: Seeing challenging GATE as a grand opportunity

Confidence: Sheer belief in your knowledge and preparation.

Commitment: Sticking to the goals irrespective of the circumstances.

Control: Practicing self-control which eventually leads to success.

Have a Laser-like Focus

Yes, you read it right.

Focusing on your ultimate goal and erasing unnecessary thoughts and clutter will gradually take you to the top of the success ladder. Moreover, a focused preparation will give you manifold results in less time than an unorganized preparation.

Efforts Count and not the Days

Always remember that putting efforts are in your total control, whereas the passing days are not. So, stop counting the days left for the exam. It will only make you anxious.

Instead, direct all your energy and efforts to productive preparation and revision. This will bring you closer to your ultimate dream of cracking GATE with a desired score.

Focus on Quality, not Quantity

If you are a student who believes that covering every single topic of the GATE syllabus will fetch you good marks in the final exam, then it’s time to rethink. It is humanly impossible to understand and retain every piece of information during Preparation.

In fact, it only leads to anxiety and stress of not being able to cover the syllabus adequately. The only strong weapon you can acquire is to opt for quality preparation as it boosts your confidence, which is a prerequisite for scoring good marks in any competitive exam.

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All the best for your exam.

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