How to prepare for GATE 2023 Mechanical Engineering

Jul 18, 2022

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(Expected) GATE 2023 Exam Pattern

GATE 2023 Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

Preparation Strategy to Clear GATE 2023 Mechanical Engineering Exam

GATE Mechanical Engineering Important Topics

GATE Mechanical Engineering Best Books 

GATE Mechanical Engineering Exam Cut-offs - Past 10 Years

How to prepare for GATE 2023 Mechanical Engineering

(Expected) GATE 2023 Exam Pattern

Exam Duration3 hours (180 minutes)
Number of Questions65 Questions
Total Marks100 Marks
Type of QuestionsThere will be three types of questions 1. Choice Questions (MCQ) 2. Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions 3. Multiple Select Questions (MSQ)
Number of sectionsThree sections: 1. General Aptitude 2. Engineering Mathematics 3. Core Subject (ME)
Marking SchemeQuestion Carry 1 and 2 marks. For an incorrect answer in MCQ, there will be a Negative Marking. For 1 mark MCQ, 1/3 will be deducted. For 2 marks MCQ 2/3 will be deducted. There is no negative marking for MSQ and NAT.

To avail the amazing opportunities through the GATE exam, you must first clear the exam with high marks. Only the candidates with the top scores are selected for lucrative PSU jobs, fellowships, and further studies in reputed institutions.  

And the preparation for cracking any exam starts with knowing the syllabus. 

Let us have a look at the syllabus for the GATE 2023 Mechanical Engineering exam

GATE 2023 Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

Engineering Mathematics Linear Algebra Calculus,  Differential Equations, Complex Variables Probability and Statistics, Numerical Methods
Applied Mechanics and Design Engineering Mechanics Machine Design Theory of Machines Mechanics of Materials Vibrations
Fluid Mechanics & Thermal SciencesFluid Mechanics Thermodynamics Heat Transfer Applications
Materials, Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering Machining and Machine Tool Operations Casting, Forming and Joining Process Computer Integrated Manufacturing Engineering Materials Inventory Control Metrology and Inspection Operations Research Production Planning and Control

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Preparation Strategy to Clear GATE 2023 Mechanical Engineering Exam

Here are some of the most effective, simple and proven techniques that will help you ace your GATE preparation and deliver your best performance in the exam. 

Understand the GATE 2023 Syllabus thoroughly

This might sound obvious, but this is the most important step you need to take before clearing any exam.

The GATE 2023 Mechanical Engineering syllabus consists of primarily four sections, and the most important topics are spread around these sections. By referring to the syllabus, you can refer to the important topics and prepare for them according to the weightage. 

Study the Exam Pattern Carefully

Along with the syllabus, you need to understand the GATE 2023 exam pattern carefully. This is important because knowing the mode of examination, number of sections, number of questions, and their types will assist you in crafting an effective exam strategy. 

Mock Tests

If you want to manage your time more effectively during the exam and write better answers, then Mock Tests are your best friend. Writing multiple mock tests will help you get enough writing practice and prepare for your GATE Mechanical Engineering exam.

Regular Revision

To retain information for a longer duration, you must make it a point to revise daily and as often as possible. After you study one topic and move on to the next, start revising the previous topic immediately. This will ensure your hard work pays off. 

Solve Previous Year Questions

The best way to get familiar with the type of questions asked in the exam is to practice previous years’ questions. You will get a fair idea of the difficulty level of the questions and the exam pattern. At the same time, this will help you build your confidence level. 

Quality Resources

If you want to perform your best in the GATE 2023 exam, then you need the help of the best quality resources available. You will need high-quality resources like test series, reference material, and books. Gathering quality resources is one of the key factors that will help you ace the GATE 2023 Mechanical Engineering exam. 

So there you go. These are some of the simplest yet proven techniques to ace the GATE exam. 

To help you further in your exam preparation, here are some of the most important topics in Mechanical Engineering that you need to know. 

GATE Mechanical Engineering Important Topics

SubjectImportant Topics
Engineering MathematicsProbability Matrices Differential Equations
Machine DesignJoints Design against Static & Fluctuation Load Design of Gears and Bearings
Strength of MaterialsSFD & BMD Mohr’s Circle Bending Stress Stress and Strain Deflections
Engineering MechanicsWork and Energy Friction Trusses
Industrial EngineeringQueuing Theory EOQ Problems Inventory Control PERT & CPM Linear Programming Problem
Theory of Machines & VibrationShafts Problems Linkages Governors and Flywheel Free Damped Vibrations Inversions of Single and Double Slider Crank Pairs and its Applications
Fluid MachineryBuoyancy Manometers Flow through Pipes Applications of Bernoulli Equation Boundary Layer Theory Impact of Jet Impulse & Reaction Turbine
ThermodynamicsZeroth Law of Thermodynamics Problems on First Law & Second Law of Problems Steam Turbines Problems on Diesel, Otto, Dual Cycle
Engineering MaterialsDefects in Crystal Structures Iron Carbon Diagram Heat Treatment Effect of Alloying Elements
Heat TransferNumbers in Convection Critical Thickness Problems on Conduction Problems in Heat Exchangers Shape Factor in Radiation
ManufacturingOrthogonal Cutting CNC Programming Problems on Welding Problem on Casting Tool Life Equation Problems Problem on ECM & EDM

Now that you know the important topics, here is a list of the most recommended books to help you in your GATE exam preparation. 

GATE Mechanical Engineering Best Books 

SectionTopicsImportant Books
Engineering MaterialsBasic Crystallography Mechanical Properties Phase Diagrams Phase Transformations Heat Treatment of SteelsWilliam Callister
KM Gupta 
ThermodynamicsBasic Thermodynamic Concepts Energy Transfer & Analysis Second Law of Thermodynamic Entropy Availability & Irreversibility Properties of Pure Substance Thermodynamic Property RelationsYunus Cengel PK Nag Onkar Singh  
Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning RC & Reversed Carnot Cycle Refrigerants Vapour Compression System Psychrometry of AC Processes CP Arora Bill Whitman RS Khurmi 
Internal Combustion EngineAir-Standard Cycle Combustion of Fuel & Knocking Engine Performance Parameter Fuels Emission & Emission ControlV Ganesan ML Mathur 
Power Plant EngineeringSteam Generators Analysis of Steam Cycles Fuels and Combustion Gas Turbines & Compressors PK Nag AK Raja RK Rajput S Ramachandran 
Heat and Mass Transfer Basic Heat Transfer Concepts Heat Transfer by Conduction Heat Transfer by Convection Heat Exchangers Heat Transfer by RadiationIncropera  PK NAG Cengel RC Sachdeva JP Holman 
Fluid Mechanics Fundamental Concepts Fluid Statics Differential Analysis of FM Dynamics of Fluid Flow Internal Incompressible VF External Incompressible VF Fox and Donald Frank M White Cengel K Subramanya Modi and Seth RK Bansal 
Turbo MachineryHydraulic Turbine Centrifugal Pumps Reciprocating Pumps Fox and Donald Frank M White Cengel K Subramanya Modi and Seth RK Bansal Jagdish Lal 
Engineering Mechanics Analysis of System of Forces Plane Trusses & Virtual WorkMotionRC Hibbeler Timoshenko UC Jindal J.L MERIAM SS Bhavikatti 
Strength of MaterialMechanical Properties of Material Simple Stresses & Strains Composite System & Thermal Stresses Complex and Principal Stresses BM & SF Slope & Deflection Torsion of Shafts Strain Energy & Springs Pressure VesselsBeer Johnston James M.Gere Timoshenko BC Punmia S Ramamrutham 
Theory of MachinesMechanism and Machines Velocity & Acceleration Analysis Cams Gear GearTrains Balancing Gyroscope Governors and Flywheel VibrationsSS Rattan Shigley VP singh 
Design of Machine ElementsStatic and Fluctuating Load Theories of Failure Shaft, Keys, Couplings & Spring Brakes Clutches Bearings Gear and FlywheelShigley VB Bhandari Robert Norton  
Industrial EngineeringInventory Control Aggregate Production Planning Material Requirement Planning Forecasting Line Balancing Sequencing and PERT-CPM Linear Programming Problem Computer ProgrammingOP Khanna Hira and Gupta Kanti Swaroop ND Vohra Ravi Shankar 
Manufacturing EngineeringMetal Casting Metrology and Inspection Metal Welding Fundamentals of Machining Metal Forming Automation Mikkel Groover Chattopadhyay Ghosh and Malik PN Rao PC Sharma 

In addition, to help you get a better idea and plan your preparation strategy, here are the cut-offs for the GATE Mechanical Engineering exam for the past 10 years, including the GATE 2022 exam. 

GATE Mechanical Engineering Exam Cut-offs - Past 10 Years

2022Mechanical Engineering (ME)
2021Mechanical Engineering (ME)3329.722
2020Mechanical Engineering (ME)3430.622.6
2019Mechanical Engineering (ME)34.130.722.7
2018Mechanical Engineering (ME)34.731.223.1
2017Mechanical Engineering (ME)32.729.421.8
2016Mechanical Engineering (ME)29.626.619.7
2015Mechanical Engineering (ME)32.7329.4621.82
2014Mechanical Engineering (ME)28.8625.9719.24
2013Mechanical Engineering (ME)25.0022.2516.67

Now that you know the syllabus, the exam pattern, the cut-offs, and the study strategy you need to follow, it's time to start your preparation. 

One of the crucial steps in your GATE study strategy is to have the right resources in your hand. 

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