How to Use Virtual Calculator for GATE

Nov 26, 2021

How to Use Virtual Calculator for GATE

One of the most crucial aspects of fetching a good score in the GATE is seamlessly using the Virtual Calculator during the examination.

Since candidates aren’t allowed to carry a physical calculator during the GATE examination, they have to use a Virtual calculator for solving numerical-based questions. Hence, every GATE aspirant must have a sound knowledge of using a Virtual Calculator and practice it often during GATE exam preparation.

The more you use it, the better are the chances of becoming a Pro in it!

This article will acquaint you with the features of the GATE Virtual Calculator and how to use it.  

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Features of GATE 2022 Virtual Calculator

The prominent features of the GATE 2022 Virtual Calculator are listed below:

  • To facilitate simple calculations/operations, there are numeric keys on the right-hand side of the Virtual Calculator.
 Virtual Calculator for GATE

For performing scientific functions and operations, the keys are placed on the left side of the Virtual Calculator.

 Virtual Calculator for GATE
  • All the function keys are grouped together.
  • The hyperbolic functions are at the top-left portion of the function palette.
 Virtual Calculator for GATE
  • Their Inverse functions will be placed below them. For instance, sininv will be provided below sin on the calculator.
  • GATE aspirants will see the two display boxes at the top of the virtual calculator.
  • While the top box will show the operations performed; the second box will show their results.
 Virtual Calculator for GATE

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Tips for using the GATE Virtual Calculator effectively

  • Before starting a new calculation, make sure to press [C].
  • To save crucial time during calculations, use the predefined operations. 
  • For lengthy calculations, use the following memory keys:

           [M+] - Used for adding the memory to the number on the display.

[M-] -  Used for subtracting the number from the memory value on the display.

[MR] - Used for reading the number from memory.

  • To avoid wrong calculations for the complex operators, always use brackets.

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While using the GATE Virtual Calculator, there are a few things that you must avoid. Read further to learn about them.

Don’ts of GATE Virtual Calculator

  • Don’t leave parentheses unbalanced while using the virtual calculator.
  • Do not perform multiple operations together.
  • Change the angle unit before starting a calculation.

Types of Calculations that can be done on  GATE Virtual Calculator

Aspirants can perform the below-listed calculations on the GATE Virtual Calculator:

  • Arithmetic Problems
  • Trigonometry Problems
  • Log Function Problems
  • Root Values
  • Square Roots
  • Cube Roots or Cube Values
  • Exponential Values
  • Factorial Values
  • 10x Values

Example of Few Calculations using GATE Virtual Calculator

Arithmetic CalculationsFor calculating 76+87x69 candidates should enter 76, +,87,*,69, =
Function ValueFor calculating 4 + log (50) x 15 candidates should enter 50, log, *, 15, +, 4, =
Sin, cos, and tan CalculationsFor calculating sin(45) or cos(45) or tan(45), candidates should enter 45, sin, or cos or tan.

However, aspirants can’t perform fractional calculations, quadratic equations, or matrix operations with the GATE Virtual calculator.

You can easily download the GATE Virtual Calculator application on your mobile phone from the PlayStore (Only for Android users).

iOS/Apple users can easily make a web app by visiting on the Safari browser and using the “Add to homescreen” option available in the share section of the browser as shown below.

 Virtual Calculator for GATE

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All the best for your exam.

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