Important Topics to Focus on For GATE CS & IT 2022

Nov 18, 2021

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GATE CS & IT Important Topics

Important Topics to Focus on For GATE CS & IT 2022

GATE CS & IT Important Topics

SubjectImportant Topics
Engineering MathematicsMatrix Determinant
Conditional Probability
Linear algebra
Discrete MathematicsPredicate and Propositional Logic
FunctionGraph Theory,
Graph Colouring, 
Group Theory
Digital LogicCombinational Circuits (Multiplexers, De-multiplexers, and Decoders)
Number Systems
Logic Gates
Sequential Circuits (Flip-Flops)
Boolean Algebra
K Maps
Computer Organisation and StructureMachine Instruction
ALU, Data-path and Control Unit
Memory Hierarchy Design and Cache memory 
Secondary Storage
Addressing Modes
Programming & Data StructuresBasic Operator Arithmetic, Flow control function
Storage Class
Parameter Passing
Theory of ComputationFinite Automata
Regular Expressions
Regular Languages
Context Free Languages
Push Down Automata
Turning Machine
Closure Properties
Compiler DesignLexical Analysis
Context Free Grammar
Syntax Directed Translation
Intermediate Code Generation
Code Optimization
Computer NetworksOSI Reference Model, TCP/IP
LAN technologies
IPV4 and IPV6
Routing Algorithms
Data Link Layer
Application Layer
Network Layer
AlgorithmsAlgorithm Analysis
Asymptotic Notations
Sorting Algorithms
Divide and Conquer
Greedy Methods
Dynamic Programming
Operating SystemsProcess Concepts, System Calls,
CPU scheduling,
Synchronization Mechanisms,
Memory management and virtual memory,
File system and device management
Database Management SystemER Diagram, Relationship Model
Relational algebra,
Functional dependency, 
Transaction and concurrency control,
File Organisation and Indexing

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