Schedule For Content Premiere - GATE CIVIL

Oct 21, 2021

Schedule For Content Premiere - GATE CIVIL

At Prepladder, we aim to offer passionate dreamers like you the most comprehensive and well-planned preparation resource for your GATE exam preparation.

In continuation to the current learning spree, we have devised an exclusive Content Schedule for the GATE CIVIL for the upcoming months so that there is no lag in your learning. Besides the impeccable content curated with love by our DREAM TEAM, you will find video lectures, high-yield question bank, mock tests, and previous years' papers in the form of tests on our app.

Mark your calendars as you will be able to make the most of the best question bank ever from 22nd October 2021!

Resource Faculty Date
QBankAll 22nd October 2021

To make things more organized and systematic for you, the Schedule for Premiere of Video Lectures for the upcoming months is as listed below:

October 2021

SubjectFaculty Chapters
Highway EngineeringShiva ShankarGeometric Design

Traffic Engineering

Highway Construction Material
Building Construction Material Badal SoniCement
Engineering HydrologyKailash SarlaHydrographs

November 2021

SubjectFaculty Chapters
Highway EngineeringShiva ShankarHighway Construction Material Pavement Design

Pavement Design

Historical developments in Highway EngineeringAirport Engineering


Project management

Development of the network
Building Construction Material Badal SoniConcrete

Mix Design



Design of Steel StructuresBadal SoniGeneral Design Consideration

Plastic Analysis

Bolted Connection

Welded Connection

Tension Member

Compression Member


Plate Girders

Gantry Girder

Industrial Roof Truss
Introduction to Irrigation EngineeringKailash SarlaIntroduction to Irrigation Engineering

Benefits & ILL Effects of Irrigation

Types of Irrigation Systems

Classification of Irrigation Methods

Factors Affecting the Choice of the Method of Irrigation

Surface Irrigation Methods

Sprinkler Irrigation Method

Sub-Surface Irrigation Methods

Previous GATE/ESE Questions and Analysis

Water Holding Capacity of Soil

Void Ratio & Porosity

Types of Pores

Classification of Soil Water

Gravitational Water

Capillary Water

Hygroscopic Water

Soil Moisture Constants

Soil Moisture Tension

Soil Moisture Stresses

Previous GATE/ESE Questions and Analysis

December 2021

SubjectFaculty Chapters
Highway Engineering Shiva ShankarDevelopment of the network

Pert approach to network analysis

CPM approach to network analysis

Crashing a network ( Time-Cost tradeoff)

Updating a network

Resource allocation

AON network

Construction economics and finance

Estimation of a project

Construction Equipment (ESE only)

Introduction to surveying

Fundamentals of surveying

Linear measurement and chain survey

Compass survey

Plane table survey

Introduction to Irrigation EngineeringKailash SarlaFrequency of Irrigation

Crop Season

Crop Period & Base Period

Duty of Water & Delta

Relation Between Duty Delta & Base Period

Factors affecting Duty of Water

Irrigation Efficiencies

Command Areas & Intensity of Irrigation

Other terms related to Water Requirement of Crops

Irrigation Requirements of Crops

Quality of Irrigation water

Previous GATE/ESE Questions and Analysis


Classification of Irrigation Canals

Design of Unlined Channels by Silt Theories & Sediment Transport

Kennedy's Theory

Lacey's Theory

Design of Lined Canals

Previous GATE/ESE Questions and Analysis

Head Works

Components of Diversion Headwork’s

Cross Section & Components of a Weir Portion

Causes of Failure of Weirs on Permeable Foundation & their Remedies

Bligh’s Creep Theory

Lanes Weighted Creep Theory

Khosla’s Theory

Previous GATE/ESE Questions and Analysis

Dams (General)

Gravity Dams

Forces acting on a Gravity dam

Modes of Failure of Dam

Elementary Profile of a Gravity Dam


Design of Gravity Dam

Previous GATE/ESE Questions and Analysis

January 2022

SubjectFaculty Chapters
Highway EngineeringShiva ShankarTheodolite

Traverse survey


Trigonometric leveling



Area and volume


Errors and adjustment



Remote sensing, GPS and GIS

Field astronomy
Introduction to Irrigation EngineeringKailash SarlaCross Drainage Works

Canal Outlets

Canal Regulatory Works

Water Logging & its Control


River Training works

Previous GATE/ESE Questions and Analysis

February 2022

SubjectFaculty Chapters
Geo-Technical & Foundation Engineering/Soil MechanicsBadal SoniOrigin of Soil

Soil water relationship and Index properties of Soil

Classification of Soil

Soil structure and clay minerals

Soil compaction

Effective stress, capillarity and permeability

Seepage through soil

Vertical Stresses

Compressibility and Consolidation of Soil

Shear Strength of Soil

Stability of Slopes

Earth Pressure

Shallow foundation

Pile Foundation

Soil Stabilization and foundation in expansive soil

Soil Exploration
Railway EngineeringShiva ShankarRail, Railway and Rail Joints

Railway Track or permanent way

Important Components

Gauges in Railways Track

Rails Coning of Wheels

Adzing of Sleepers

Welded joints

Types of welded rails

Theory of welded rail

Breathing Length

Sleepers and Track Fasteners


Functions of Sleepers

Requirements of Sleepers

Types of Sleepers

Composite sleeper index

Track Fasteners

Sleeper spacing and sleeper density

Ballast and soil subgrade



Types of Ballast

Depth of Ballast Section

Blanket/Sub Ballast


Function of Subgrade

Subgrade material and its improvements

Geometric Design of the Track



Grade Compensation

Speed of the train

Radius and degree of the curve

Versine of the curve

Superelevation or Cant

Equilibrium speed and Equilibrium Cant

Cant Deficiency

Negative Superelevation

Widening of gauge on the curve

Points and Crossings


Points and Switch


Design calculation of a turnout

Crossover- Type 1 and 2
Diamond Crossing

Please note that the above-mentioned resources are not for aspirants preparing for the GATE 2022 exam. However, you can go through them to complement your preparation.

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