Schedule For Content Premiere - GATE ECE

Oct 21, 2021

Schedule For Content Premiere - GATE ECE

At Prepladder, we aim to offer passionate dreamers like you the most comprehensive and well-planned preparation resource for your GATE exam preparation.

In continuation to the current learning spree, we have devised an exclusive Content Schedule for the GATE ECE for the upcoming months so that there is no lag in your learning. Besides the impeccable content curated with love by our DREAM TEAM, you will find video lectures, high-yield question bank, mock tests, and previous years' papers in the form of tests on our app.

Mark your calendars as you will be able to make the most of the best question bank ever from 22nd October 2021!

Resource Faculty Date
QBankAll 22nd October 2021

To make things more organized and systematic for you, the Schedule for Premiere of Video Lectures for the upcoming months is as listed below:

October 2021

CommunicationsDr. R Murali PrasadIntroduction

Review of Signals

Amplitude Modulation

DSB, SSB, VSB Modulation
Electrical MeasurementsSayi Baba
Subject introduction

Error analysis & Basics of measurements

Analog instruments fundamentals

Measurement of Voltage and current

Measurement of Power

Measurement of Energy

Measurement of frequency and power factor

AC Bridges
Signals and SystemsShastri SirRandom process question,Tolerance question,Hystersis and monoshots and Misc

Digital electronics(15 hrs) and microprocessor(10hrs)

Signal Basics, continuous and Discrete signals,Signals classification, properties, Orthogonality, Basis, applications,Previous gate questions and practice questions

Real time simulations in Matlab

System-Basics, types of systems,LTI, Impulse response,Step response,Convolution, Applications and previous gate questions, Practice questions

Real-time Simulations in Matlab

Fourier series- Basics, Trigonometric, exponential, properties, Problems

November 2021

CommunicationsDr. R Murali Prasad Angle Modulation


Random Processes and Noise Analysis

Noise Analysis of Analog Modulation Techniques
Electronic MeasurementsSayi Baba
Cathode ray oscilloscope

Q Meter

Digital Voltmeter(DVM)
Electrical MeasurementsSayi Baba
AC Bridges

Measurement of Resistance


Instrument transformers
Electronic DevicesTrinadh ReddyIntrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, Energy bands

Mass action Law and Law of Electrical neutrality

Drift and diffusion currents

Hall effect

Continuity Equation

Construction and operation

Current equation and characteristics

Zener diode

Tunnel diode

December 2021

Advanced CommunicationsMurali PrasadIntroduction

Optical Fiber Communication

Microwave Communication

Satellite Communication

Cellular Networks
CommunicationsMurali PrasadBaseband Data Transmission

Pass Band Data Transmission
Electromagnetic V Dinesh Kumar SirStatic Electric Fields

Static Magnetic Fields

Electric and Magnetic
Boundary Conditions

Time-Varying fields and Maxwell Equations
Electronic DevicesTrinadh ReddyLight-emitting diode and photodiode

Construction, operation (Early effect)

Current Components of BJT

Current equation of BJT

Characteristics of BJT Configurations

Need of Biasing and Operating point

BJT as a switch and Amplifier

Construction, Operation and Characteristics

Current equation of MOSFET

MOS capacitor

January 2022

Subject Faculty Chapters
Communications Dr. R Murali Prasad Noise Analysis of Digital Modulation Techniques

Information Theory

February 2022

Subject Faculty Chapters
Communications Dr. R Murali Prasad Error-Correcting Codes

Multiple Access Techniques
Advanced CommunicationsDr. R Murali Prasad Computer Networks

Please note that the above-mentioned resources are not for aspirants preparing for the GATE 2022 exam. However, you can go through them to complement your preparation.

To get started on your path to success in GATE, download the Prepladder App, register, and start exploring the learning resources we have to offer.

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