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Oct 21, 2021

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Schedule For Content Premiere - GATE MECH

October 2021

SubjectFaculty Chapters
Manufacturing EngineeringRavindra ThubeBulk Deformation

Processes (Forming)

Sheet Metal Operations
Thermodynamics Properties of Pure SubstancesShivam DixitAvailability & Irreversibility

Properties of Pure Substances

Thermodynamic Property Relations
Fluid MechanicsShivam DixitProperties of fluid

Fluid pressure and its measurement

Hydrostatic forces on surface
Theory of MachinesPawan Yadav Simple Planar Mechanism

Kinematic Analysis of Simple Planar Mechanisms
Heat and Mass TransferAnand Kumar Steady Heat Conduction
Machine DesignVijay Padalkar Basics of Machine Design

Theories of Failure

Design against Fatigue Loading
Strength of MaterialSaurabh Mangal Simple stress & strainCentroid & Moment of inertia

Shear force & Bending Moment

November 2021

SubjectFaculty Chapters
Manufacturing EngineeringRavindra ThubeSheet Metal Operations

Metal Cutting
Theory of MachinesPawan Yadav Kinematic Analysis of Simple Planar Mechanisms
Heat and Mass TransferAnand Kumar Extended Surface
Machine DesignVijay Padalkar Design against fatigue loading

Design of Shaft

Design of Brakes

Design of Clutches

Design of Riveted Joints

Design of Welded Joints

Design of Threaded Joints

Sliding Contact Bearing

Rolling Contact Bearing
Strength of Material Saurabh Mangal Fundamentals of SOM

Simple stress & strain

Centroid & Moment of inertia

Shear force & Bending Moment

Slope & deflection
Fluid MechanicsShivam DixitBuoyancy and floatation

Liquids in relative equilibrium

Fluid kinematics

Fluid Dynamics

Flow through pipes

Laminar flow

December 2021

Manufacturing EngineeringRavindra Thube SirMachine Tool & Machining Operation
Heat and Mass TransferAnand SirExtended Surfaces
Transient Heat Conduction
Machine DesignVijay SirDesign of Spur Gear
ThermodynamicsShivam Dixit Sir Turbulent flow
Boundary layer theory
Dimensional analysis
Forces on submerged bodies- drag and lift
Compressible fluid flow
Flow Through orifices and mouthpieces
Flow over notches and weirs
Theory of MachinesPawan SirVibrations
Strength of Material Saurabh SirSlope & Deflection
Analysis of Statically Indeterminate Beams
Theory of Simple/Pure Bending

January 2022

Manufacturing EngineeringRavindra ThubeNTM (Non-Traditional Machining)

Jig's and Fixture

Advance Machining Methods (AMM)
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Shivam DixitRefrigeration

Internal Combustion EngineShivam DixitBasic Concepts of IC Engines

Air-Standard Cycle

Engine Performance Parameter

Carburetion (ESE only)

Fuel injection (ESE only)

Combustion in SI engine(ESE only)

Combustion in CI engine (ESE only)

Testing and performance (ESE only)

IC engine fuels (ESE only)

Supercharging and turbocharging (ESE only)

Engine cooling, lubrication and ignition (ESE only)
Heat and Mass TransferAnand Kumar Transient Heat Conduction

Strength of Material Saurabh Mangal Theory of Simple/Pure Bending

Shear Stress in Beams

February 2022

Manufacturing Engineering Ravindra ThubeMetrology and Inspection
Heat and Mass TransferAnand Kumar Convection

Power Plant EngineeringShivam DixitGas Turbines

Ranking Cycles

Steam nozzles (ESE only)

Steam Turbine

Reciprocating compressors

Centrifugal compressors (ESE only)

Axial flow compressors (ESE only)

Fuels And Combustion (ESE only)

Jet propulsion and rocket engine (ESE only)

Steam generators (ESE only)

Steam condensers (ESE only)
Turbo MachineryShivam DixitImpact of jets

Hydraulic Turbine

Centrifugal Pumps

Reciprocating Pumps

Miscellaneous hydraulic machines (ESE only)
Strength of MaterialSaurabh Mangal Shear Stress in Beams

Theory of Pure Torsion

Complex Stress and Strain

March 2022

Manufacturing Engineering Ravindra ThubeCasting

Joining Processes (Welding)
Heat and Mass TransferAnand Kumar Radiation

Heat Exchanger

Boiling and Condensation
Strength of MaterialSaurabh Mangal Complex Stress and Strain

Strain Energy

April 2022

Industrial Engineering Ravindra ThubeBreak Even Analysis


Sequencing and Scheduling
Heat and Mass TransferAnand Kumar Boiling and Condensation
Strength of MaterialSaurabh Mangal Theory of Columns

Pressure Vessels

May 2022

Industrial Engineering Ravindra ThubePERT & CPM

Line Balancing

Inventory Control   
Strength of MaterialSaurabh SirShear Center

Theory of Failures

June 2022

Industrial Engineering Ravindra ThubeQueing Theory


Transportation & Assignment

July 2022

Industrial Engineering Ravindra ThubeAggerate Production Planning and Control


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