Speed & Accuracy Balance for GATE 2022

Jan 12, 2022

Speed & Accuracy Balance for GATE 2022

You may have heard of the phrase “Speed Thrills, but it kills”. This resonates with the GATE exam as well. 

To crack GATE with a ‘Good score’ for ‘Good Opportunities’, students have to attempt at least 45 questions correctly (20 questions of 1 mark and 25 of 2 marks) in a stipulated time of 3 hours or 180 minutes. 

The limited time should be smartly and judiciously utilized only then can you imagine solving at least 45 questions accurately. The chances of committing mistakes increase naturally when something has to be performed in a limited time.

When writing the GATE exam, aspirants have to simultaneously solve the maximum number of questions (SPEED) without errors (ACCURACY).

How to Strike a Balance Between Speed and Accuracy?

As Speed and Accuracy are key ingredients in a successful GATE exam attempt, a proper balance between them is paramount. We will share some important tips that will help you nail the GATE exam like a pro.  

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Avoid the GREED of Attempting More Questions

Rather than aiming to solve all the questions, it would be best to solve at least 45 questions with 100% accuracy. (For students whose preparation level is Intermediate) Students should limit their greed for solving more questions as it may cause them more harm than good. They should only aim to attempt more questions if they are very sure of them. 

Practice the art of selecting and analyzing questions accurately if you want to avoid the dilemma and greed of solving more questions while writing the GATE exam. 

That’s why you must solve as many Test Series available on the PrepLadder app. 

Don’t Invest Too Much Time On a Problem.

One common mistake that most students make is that they spend too much time solving a question. They feel that they have spent enough time understanding that particular problem during their preparation and can easily solve it. However, they don’t solve the problem and waste their crucial time. To top it off, just to pacify themselves that they have answered the question, students end up marking the incorrect answer leading to negative marking. This approach should be avoided at all costs.

There are chances that you are able to solve problems that you thought were impossible, and at the same time, you are unable to solve questions in which you were better prepared. So, things like these are part and parcel of examination. Prepare and attempt GATE smartly! 

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Attention to the Details in NAT Questions is a Must!

Unlike MCQs, where you just need to choose only one option, NAT questions require a great amount of attention while answering. 

In NATs, you need to write your answers virtually, and while answering, sometimes, students end up making silly mistakes such as ignoring the required units in which the answer is asked. And, students even end up making mistakes related to decimal places of the numerical answers they are putting. Hence, giving attention to details in NAT is a must. 

Focus on Solving Paper Efficiently without Distraction

To attempt GATE paper efficiently without any distractions, just assume that you have put on blinkers. Just focus on the question paper in front of you and don’t look at the watch unnecessarily, and stop overthinking. 

It will only sprout anxiety and fear! You don’t want to spend the limited and crucial time you have got on distractions. Instead, you should always keep the ultimate goal in your mind and subsequently put dedicated efforts strategically. 

Be Pro with Virtual Calculator

With a  majority of questions demanding calculations in the GATE exam, it becomes essential to be well-versed with the usage of the virtual calculator. 

Since your accuracy and speed are directly linked with the number of questions solved correctly in a limited time, it becomes imperative to have a good command of the Virtual Calculator.

To know more about how to use the Virtual Calculator, read: How to Use a Virtual Calculator for GATE.

Emphasize on Effective Question Reading

Let’s understand it with an example. 

Rohit took 45 seconds to read a question. After reading, he started solving it. But, in between, he started reading the question again, and this time it took a minute to comprehend the question properly. 

Don’t be like him! Rather than directly jumping to solve the question, you should analyze it properly and focus on important keywords. 

So, these are a few crucial points that you must keep in mind while writing the GATE exam. 

Cracking GATE 2022 can become a cumbersome process without adequate preparation. The backing of a reliable coaching platform such as PrepLadder is a prerequisite to ace GATE to pursue higher studies from elite engineering institutes such as IITs and IISc or to land a job in prominent PSUs like CIL, POSOCO, ONGC, GAIL, etc.

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All the best for your exam.

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