Upgrade your GATE Prep with Video Experiments: PrepLab

Apr 22, 2022

Upgrade your GATE Prep with Video Experiments: PrepLab

Our purpose of “Every student everywhere reaches their highest potential” has prompted us to offer convenience and make your GATE exam preparation simpler by introducing a feature that will transform the way you prepare for the GATE exam.  

You have been preparing with only the video lectures, QBank, and PrepTests, but from now onwards, get ready to experience a mixture of theoretical and practical education on the PrepLadder app. 

Because PrepLab: Prepare with Video Experiments feature is now LIVE on our app. 

While preparing for the GATE exam, it’s crucial to get a hands-on understanding of the subject with some sort of practical. All the theoretical knowledge you learn is applied in real-life situations when you understand topics with experiments. 

If you are wondering how PrepLab will transform your GATE preparation, then keep scrolling through this blog as you will get a clear picture of what PrepLab entails! 

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Engineering Made Easy with PrepLab

PrepLab will help you comprehend various complex topics clearly with the help of a video experiment. This will enhance your learning ability manifold and give you a better understanding of a topic. Have a look at the snippet of the Rockwell Hardness Test of the PrepLab:


In this video, you can watch our in house GATE expert describing various components of a machine and their functions. For instance, he explains two types of dial gauge; small and bigger dials and talks about their functions in this video. 

Similarly, the other PrepLab video experiment is about to find the stiffness of an open-coiled helical spring. The apparatus required to carry out this experiment is a Spring testing machine and an open-coiled helical spring. Our in house expert demonstrates and carries out the experiment in a detailed manner with focusing on the theoretical part simultaneously. He fixes the spring between the fixed head and movable head and starts the machine. You can watch the complete video here:


Benefits of Practical Learning 

Once you complement your theoretical knowledge with practical video experiments, you are bound to witness some significant changes in your learning process. A few of them are listed below:

Improved Skill Set

Practical knowledge has this amazing ability to help students showcase and apply their skills in a non-classroom environment (laboratory). There is no denying that acquiring theoretical knowledge is crucial for understanding a topic. However, if you successfully use the theoretical knowledge in a practical situation, it improves your skillset and upgrades your existing knowledge base. 

Better Knowledge Retention

If you approach learning with a hands-on approach, then it would result in more ingrained knowledge. Your ability to retain information quickly and for an extended period of time increases significantly when you opt for practical training/learning. 

As compared to theoretical learning which is text-based learning, learning in a practical environment allows our brain to remember actions and scenarios in a better way. 

Eliminates the Process of Mugging

Practical learning eliminates the process of mugging up the study material to a great extent. When you cram a topic, you may retain the information for a short time, but you cannot understand the concept forever.

However, when you learn a topic/concept with the help of practical knowledge, you are able to retain the topic and its related information beyond examinations. 

We, at PrepLadder, believe that the right approach to GATE preparation should be a blend of practical learning with theoretical knowledge and PrepLabs will help you ace your GATE exam preparation. 

So, what are you waiting for? Download the PrepLadder app now and experience a revolution in GATE education. 

PrepLadder is India’s leading e-learning platform that has helped many students in qualifying for the GATE examination. Give an extra edge to your preparation with an extensive QBank, Past Year Question Papers, Mock Tests, Treasures and many other valuable features which will help you to crack GATE with much ease.

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