Terms & Conditions

  • Refer a friend to any of the Medical PG and FMGE segments and you get an additional 15 days of validity and your friend gets a discount of upto ₹ 1000 on their package. Every subsequent referral will add another 15 days to their validity.
  • For Super Speciality courses, you get an additional 15 days validity on every successful referral, and your friend gets ₹ 1000 OFF on their pack.
  • With your successful referral for NEET-UG, GATE, UPSC, JEE, CAT, you will receive an additional validity of 30 days, and your friend will receive a discount of ₹ 500
  • For Prof 1 & 2 Packs, your friend will get a discount of ₹ 200 and you will get a 5 days extension on successful referrals.
  • A premium user in any two segments will get an extension upon success of a referral to the latest segment that they have enrolled in.
  • If you have subscribed for Prof 1, Prof 2, Rapid Revision then the extension will be applicable only on the pack which you bought last.
  • If the users are found abusing the referral system, PrepLadder has the right to disqualify such users and forfeit his/her accumulated rewards.
  • PrepLadder reserves the right to withdraw/change the condition of the contest any time without prior notice.
  • If your pack has expired then you will not be eligible for the validity extension but the student who is entering your referral code will still be eligible for the discount.
  • Standard PrepLadder T&C’s applicable. PrepLadder’s decision will be final & binding.

Please note that referral codes must be given directly by you to your friends. Referral codes are the property of PrepLadder and cannot be displayed or shared on any public platform or a social media site using paid marketing and/or sponsored ads.