Best Chemistry Books For JEE Advanced

Dec 06, 2021

Best Chemistry Books For JEE Advanced

If you want to get a good score in the Chemistry section of JEE Advanced, it is crucial to choose the right books. As there are multiple good books for chemistry's preparation, you should always seek a combination of Chemistry books that avoid confusion and misdirection.

Chemistry requires an excellent concept building book to understand all the theories. Furthermore, a good book with many problems is vital to retain all you have learnt during the revision phase. 

This blog will help reduce your confusion and provide you with the best Chemistry books to score well in JEE Advanced. But before moving forward, let's have a look at the JEE Advanced examination pattern first:

JEE Advanced Examination Pattern


Maximum Questions

Maximum Marks

Section A

Section B














90 questions

300 marks

What are the best Chemistry books for JEE Advanced? Where do I find them to clear my doubts and build my concepts? Where do I practice Chemistry questions? But don’t worry, JEE aspirants, we are here to help you with the best Chemistry books for your JEE Advanced preparation suggested by toppers and subject experts. This latest review of the best Chemistry books for IIT-JEE preparation will help you choose the best among the rest. Hence, make these books your best friends.

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Best Recommended Chemistry Books By JEE Advanced Toppers

S. No.Name of BooksAuthorsBest For
1. Reactions, Rearrangements and ReagentsSN SanyalIt is excellent to learn and practice reaction mechanisms, reagent’s names and reaction’s names. It provides detailed and accurate reaction mechanisms in one place that will help you during the revision phase. It is basically a good theory book for Organic Chemistry.
2. Organic ChemistrySolomonIt is a comprehensive theory book for Organic Chemistry. It has well-explained reaction mechanisms and reactions. But, it has a drawback, it contains a few problems to solve. Thus, you have to refer to other objective books for Organic Chemistry to practice problems extensively.
3. Advanced problems in organic chemistryMS ChouhanIt is excellent for solving problems as it has many high-quality questions. This book is meant basically for JEE Advanced aspirants, and it will help them if they already have practised introductory Organic Chemistry well.
4. Inorganic Chemistry OP TandonIt contains a good amount of logical and challenging problems and well-explained theory. It is excellent for some chapters like s,p,d, and f block elements.
5. Problems in inorganic chemistryVK JaiswalThis book is good as it has easy, challenging and more advanced problems. It will make you prepare well for all the difficult questions of JEE Advanced.
6. Inorganic chemistry for JEE JD LeeIt is a wonderful book for concepts like coordination compounds and chemical bonding. Concepts are explained interestingly.
7. Numerical Chemistry (Physical Chemistry)P Bahadur It is primarily meant for solving a large number of problems. It has very little theory. It is an outstanding book for both beginners and advanced learners. It has solved examples too, which will strengthen your preparation.
8. Physical Chemistry for CompetitionsOP Tondon and A S SinghIt contains theory and questions equally. The questions are from the basic level and advanced level. You would clearly understand concepts and problems on JEE physical chemistry with it.
9. Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations (Physical Chemistry)R C MukherjeeIt is suitable for clearing basic Physical Chemistry and has some good solved examples.

Read NCERT textbooks of class 11th and 12th first and then read these reference books (select any 1-2 books). Rely on trusted and verified books recommended by JEE toppers, subject experts and mentors and don't rush after every book you see in the market. Clear all your doubts, build your concepts, and get answers to your queries with exciting video lectures from the JEE Physics Mentors of PrepLadder.

Tips to Study Chemistry for JEE Advanced

If you want to score big in JEE Advanced Chemistry, then follow the below-mentioned tips to clear IIT-JEE Chemistry with flying colours:

  • Study NCERT textbooks properly.
  • Dedicate equal time to all three segments- Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry.
  • Clear your concepts and doubts from your teachers and mentors.
  • Practice a generous amount of mock tests and previous year’s question papers to understand the exam pattern, difficulty level and marking scheme.
  • Learn, and understand the Periodic Table thoroughly.
  • Learn and understand all reaction mechanisms by heart.
  • Learn all formulas.
  • Pay more attention to s,p,d and f block elements and coordination compounds.
  • Make your own notes, and learn from them, which will help you during your revision phase.
  • Start with the basic concepts and then progress gradually to more complex concepts.
  • Make charts and tables of reactions and compounds and revise them daily.
  • To become good at Physical Chemistry, develop problem-solving skills and mathematical skills.
  • Solve your study resources from your coaching material.

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Opt for a reliable collection of books to acquire in-depth knowledge and practice unlimited to score well in JEE Advanced. Moreover, the right books provide a proper explanation for Physics topics and focus on building your JEE Advanced foundation. Furthermore, you can practice IIT-JEE questions with PrepLadder. It has comprehensive modules, mock tests and QBank. Also, you can grasp new concepts with the engaging videos by JEE Dream Team.

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